Derek Carr, a quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders, warms up prior to a game against the Denver Broncos on December 26, 2021, in Paradise, Nevada, United States. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports/Joe CamporealeWith two weeks left in the regular season, the Las Vegas Raiders are implementing a significant adjustment.

On Wednesday, Josh McDaniels said that Jarrett Stidham has replaced Derek Carr as the starting quarterback. In order to give the club time to evaluate its younger players, the Raiders coach stated that it is planned for Carr and a few other veterans to sit out the final two weeks of the season.



McDaniels told reporters, “None of us are thrilled with where we’re at, but we think it’s an opportunity to assess a younger player who hasn’t had much time to play. “Talking to Derek, who was fantastic, I learned that he comprehends the circumstance in which we find ourselves. He will do anything he can to assist the two young quarterbacks, and he was quite supportive of them.

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When asked about Carr’s potential with the Raiders in the future, McDaniels likewise remained evasive. After the season is finished, there will be a lot to organize, the coach stated. With their loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Saturday, Las Vegas dropped to 6-9. Carr currently leads all quarterbacks in the league with 14 interceptions on the season after tossing three in the game.

The Raiders’ chances of making the playoffs are extremely slim. It’s probable that benching Carr now will be the first move toward getting rid of him after the season.

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The Raiders must make a significant choice about Carr this week, and they have a very limited window in which to do so, according to one NFL reporter. If Carr stays on Las Vegas’ roster past the third day of the waiver period, which starts the day after the Super Bowl, he will be owed a sizable sum of money.

In addition, Carr’s contract includes guarantees for injuries, so it makes sense for the Raiders to take all reasonable measures to maintain his health. If they want to use him as leverage in trade discussions, it is also a wise strategy.


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