Of all the special moments that Collin Morikawa has enjoyed during his short but action-packed professional career, becoming close friends with Tiger Woods is among his favorites.

Morikawa only turned pro in 2019 but has already made history as the first male golfer to win both the PGA Championship and the Open in his tournament debuts. Despite playing golf from a relatively early age, Morikawa didn’t really watch the sport when he was growing up. As a result, he never really looked up to the game’s greats as heroes or for motivation, as many aspiring golfers would.

The exception, however, is Woods. “I think when you bring up Tiger Woods to someone that doesn’t even know anything about golf, they know he represents golf and the sport of golf,” Morikawa tells CNN’s Becky Anderson. “What he’s done for this game, how he’s changed the evolution of not just the physical aspect, the mental aspect, but just growing the game around the world. That’s someone who I look up to.

“It’s amazing to have a friendship, to know him, to talk to him and that’s the coolest thing, is that he’s grown this game like no one else ever has. “There’s only a few athletes in the world that I can think of, and that really anyone can think of, that have done that to their respective sport. So that’s, of course, someone who I’m going to look up to.” There is one interaction in particular from their relationship which stands out to Morikawa.