Calvert Lewin Injury

Everton has had injury problems from the get-go this season. Dominic Calvert-Lewin, the team’s star striker, will miss the opening game of the 2022–23 season due to a “freak” knee injury he suffered in training this week at Finch Farm, a former training facility for Frank Lampard’s previous team, Chelsea.

During today’s pregame press conference, the manager updated the media on Calvert-expected Lewin’s absence, saying that he would be absent for two weeks less than the month originally reported yesterday.

It’s inevitable that losing a player of Dominic’s caliber the week before the season opener will have an impact on your team. I estimate that the recovery time for the injury will be around six weeks. There were a lot of wild rumors circulating yesterday, but after evaluating him over the course of a few days, we’ve come to this conclusion.

When you have a team and train at this level, things like this are inevitable. We’ll have to find a way to compensate for it. It will be up to the other players to carry the load until Dominic returns; ideally, the next six weeks will fly by.

The answer is “no” (and it’s not because of old wounds). Dominic looked fantastic; he was physically fit and powerful. Even though we couldn’t stop gushing about how good he looks, I had to sit him out of one preseason game as a precaution. The reception was really upbeat. A disappointing start to the season is a setback for everyone, but I can empathize with how he must feel having been a player myself during such times.

I’m sorry for what he’s going through, but the team will be there for him as it always has been, and now we have to focus on the games ahead as a unit. Lampard said that Tom Davies and Andre Gomes are both recuperating from knocks, but perennial injury concern Yerry Mina will be available for the opening match.

Calvert-Lewin Injury

Unfortunately, Andre is injured, but Yerry is OK to play. I witnessed at the end of last season that the players give their all for the club as long as they are here, and that has to be the case moving forward.

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Tom Davies will likely begin training with us the following week. Andre will be here in a couple of weeks. Yerry is in good physical shape. Asmir Begovic is, we believe, nearly ready to return to action after being sidelined with an injury.

Seamus Coleman is in good physical shape. He’s behind in term’s fitness but generally, Seamus works extremely hard to get up to speed, so he’ll be playing for the U21s tomorrow night to get some minutes.

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Allan is healthy and ready to play, but he is taking his time getting match time. During the preseason, he has not logged a lot of playing time. As of right now, he’s on the team, but he’s not quite match-ready.

So there you have it; Everton won’t be at full strength for a while, at least a few weeks; this makes everything they can achieve in the remaining time of the transfer window all the more crucial.

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