Salvador Perez Injury

After the Royals’ catcher Salvador Perez blasted two home runs in three games after his return from thumb surgery in late July, the team’s head athletic trainer, Kyle Turner, texted Dr. Steven Shin, an orthopedic surgeon in Los Angeles.

The message said, “Well done, doctor.” Shin recently remarked (with a chuckle), “Hey, it’s not me. Totally his doing. We can thank him for making us appear nice.

In June, while the Royals were playing the Angels in Anaheim, Perez completely tore the ulnar collateral ligament in his left thumb. The only option was surgery, and recovery time for UCL repairs is often several months.

Mike Matheny, the manager, remarked in July, “Any time I hear a catcher suffering with a thumb problem, I’m thinking, ‘There’s the season.'” For the simple reason that I am aware of the agony and the length of time required for recovery.

However, Perez returned to Major League action only five weeks later. Perez has hit seven home runs and driven in 26 runs in 30 games since coming off the injured list. This compares to 11 home runs and 34 RBIs in 57 games before surgery. The 32-year-old slashed throughout the month of August. To date, he has appeared in all 27 games, starting 18 of them at catcher, while batting.295/.330/.467.

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Last night, a pitch struck catcher Salvador Perez in the hand. Tests with X-ray equipment came back negative. With a contusion, though, his condition is still unknown. The hefty veteran ended up receiving a full day off without having to use his IL time as a result of this. Pity the Royals can only replace him with Ryan O’Hearn.

I promise you I don’t hate Ryan O’Hearn. And I think we would get along famously if we ever met. He comes out as a humble and affable guy, but his superhuman strength and status as one of the world’s elite baseball players make him stand out.

I would consider myself extremely fortunate if I could be even a third as excellent at anything as Ryan O’Hearn is at baseball. I get nervous that he could take it to heart when we all make fun of him and the organization for playing him. The thought of complimenting him intensifies. I find it annoying that there is almost little praise for his inclusion in the Kansas City Royals lineup.

Shin has been at the forefront of an innovative approach to UCL repair for the past few years, and that is why Perez was able to make a speedy recovery. This method, which has been successfully performed on professional sportsmen like Mike Trout and Chris Paul, involves using synthetic tape to reinforce the UCL repair and reduces the recovery period by half.

What a miraculous operation,” Perez remarked. After consulting with the doctors, I always do some online research to find out what the next steps are. This was an unusual operation.

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The surgeon performs a standard repair of the UCL and then reinforces it by taping over the ligament, a treatment known as a UCL repair with internal brace augmentation. Arthrex’s SutureTape is barely wider than a millimeter, yet it is exceptionally sturdy.

The tape acts as a bridge, being secured over the thumb ligament.

Then, “once you’re done with the conventional sutures that are also anchored in the hole in the bone, then you take the two suture tape tails and you bring them back over the ligament, to the metacarpal side,” Shin explained. So, you use another anchor to secure the tails into the bone. Imagine a seatbelt made out of a ligament and two tails of suture tape. It guarantees the success of your maintenance.

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