Baseboard Cleaning Hacks

It has never been simpler to clean baseboards.

It’s necessary to follow a cleaning routine in order to keep up with all the little chores that need doing around the house. But, how often do you scrub the baseboards? Without regular maintenance, dust and dirt will accumulate on your baseboards and become more noticeable than you realize. Our expert advice will have you scrub baseboards in no time.

How Often Should Baseboards Be Cleaned?

When was the last time you cleaned your baseboards? Your way of living will have major repercussions. If your pet sheds a lot of hair, you’ll need to bathe it more often to keep it looking presentable. You should give your baseboards a swift and dirty(!) cleaning once a month. You may find that once every two weeks is sufficient to maintain cleanliness if the accumulation of dirt is noticeable after each cleaning. It’s possible that you may get away with cleaning your baseboards only twice a year instead of annually if you take care of them regularly.

How To Clean The Baseboards: Cleaning Tips

You may speed up the cleaning of your baseboards by employing a few different methods. Vacuum the baseboards with the hose brush attachment. This helps to reduce the buildup of dirt, grime, and pet hair.

The use of dryer sheets to clean the baseboards is another option to consider. In the absence of a dust-repellent shine, the dirt that accumulates on the boards actually helps them stay clean for longer. Could I ask if there’s anything more you’re curious about? Instead of bending over, use a Swiffer mop and dryer sheets to clean the baseboards.

Can’t you find a way to tidy up? Everything is fine! Cleaning the baseboards is as easy as wrapping an old sock with a towel and rubbing it. Socks are optional if the cleaning solution is skin-safe, else rubber gloves should be worn.

Do you plan to scrub the baseboards clean? If you’ve tried our suggestions for cleaning the baseboards and still can’t get them looking like new, here’s how to do it properly.

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  • Use A Toilet Wand To Scrub The Baseboards Clean

Baseboard Cleaning Hacks

We put this  TikTok-found method to the test. In the event that you’re interested in learning more about how to clean, please subscribe to our channel.

If you have a toilet wand, use it to gently scrub the baseboards.

Cleaning your baseboards thoroughly is similar to using the toilet wand to clean a soiled toilet bowl.

Wipe The Baseboards Down With A Damp Rag To Clean Them.

Be careful not to scrub too hard, as we did, and allow the cleaner to do the heavy lifting; we ended up removing portions of the baseboards. Using painted baseboards might not be the best option for this method.

  • Baseboards Can Be Given A Thorough Cleaning By Mixing Powdered Laundry Detergent with Water

Baseboard Cleaning Hacks

Never previously have we been able to get the baseboards and textured tile floor in our kitchen to look so good.

One tablespoon of hot water is all that’s needed to activate the laundry detergent powder (this is the one we use for cleaning floors).

Wearing gloves and the homemade cleanser, lightly scrape the baseboards.

Moisten a warm cloth with clean water and use it to wipe off surfaces after you’ve finished cleaning.

If you’re bothered by the stench, you can let some fresh air in through the windows if you like.

After I cleaned my floors and baseboards, the aroma lingered for a full day, but by morning it had vanished.

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  • To Clean The Baseboards, Use Dryer Sheets

Baseboard Cleaning Hacks

This method has been widely discussed on Pinterest for quite some time.

Clean the baseboards with a dryer sheet that has been wet with water. You can use an old dryer sheet if you don’t have a fresh one on hand.

No of the cause, scuffs, and smudges may be removed along baseboards with the use of a dryer sheet, which will also leave a pleasant scent.

I haven’t tested it myself, but in theory, it might delay the accumulation of dust around your baseboards.

  • Clean The Baseboards With A Magic Eraser

Baseboard Cleaning Hacks

The Magic Eraser has saved the day, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

We’ve found this to be the most effective strategy for scrubbing the floor around the baseboards.

You may clean the glass of your oven with these and be left in awe.

Use a damp magic eraser to scrub the baseboards, and then gently squeeze off the excess water.


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  • The Standard Dish Soap Can Be Used To Clean The Baseboards

Baseboard Cleaning Hacks

Dish soap is a time-honored cleaning product that works wonders on scuff marks and may even restore the shine to dull baseboards.

In a sizable basin, mix up some warm water and a few drops of dish soap.

Apply the cleaning solution to a clean rag, and scrub the baseboards using a circular motion and light pressure.

To prepare them for future use, wash them in running water and hang them to dry.

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