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In the US, ramen has advanced significantly. High-end true ramen restaurants are opening up left and right on both coasts and everywhere in between. Ramen was previously solely recognised in its 10-for-a-dollar instant-lunch form, which was a mainstay of offices and dorm rooms throughout the ’80s and ’90s. I grew up eating instant ramen at least once a week as a half-Japanese child in the 1980s, and it still has a particular place in my heart. Even while real food is excellent, sometimes you just need the add-hot-water pack.

Having said that, my tastes have significantly evolved over the years, and sometimes a tiny flavoured packet is simply insufficient. So I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about simple, inexpensive ways to improve my ramen. Gourmet ghetto, if you will.

Best Instant Ramen Hack in My Opinion!

There are a lot of instant ramen hacks available online right now, but I believe this is the finest one so far. I’ve tried a couple, and while they’re decent, this gives the broth and ramen a posh feel. In addition, the broth seems creamy like tonkatsu ramen, which is why I believe it. But that’s simply what I think.

From Where Does It Come?

This TikTok and social media trick for Japanese mayo ramen originated in Japan. The original recipe asks for ramen with the Sapporo Ichiban name (original flavour). However, you are free to use whichever instant ramen you happen to have on hand as I do.

ramen hacks

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Although it might seem unusual to put mayo and a raw egg into your ramen, don’t knock it until you’ve tried this popular TikTok egg and mayo ramen hack! When mayo and a raw egg are whisked into boiling ramen water, a smooth, flavorful broth is produced. The best aspect is how basic and easy it is.

Easy to Make!

You Basically Combine a Raw Egg, Kewpie Mayo, Grated or Minced Garlic, and Ramen Instant Spice in A Dish for This Kewpie Mayo Ramen Recipe. Then, Cook Your Ramen Noodles in The Amount of Water Recommended on The Package (i Used 550 Ml of Water).

ramen hacks

The Mayo Egg Combination Is Then Thoroughly Mixed with Half of The Hot, Starchy Ramen Water. Finally, Add the Cooked Ramen Noodles and The Remaining Ramen Water to Your Bowl and Serve Yourself. Feel Free to Top with Scallions or Any Additional Garnishes.

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Experiment with New Brands of Instant Ramen

Today, a variety of Instant Ramen Brands Can Be Seen Lining the Shelves in The Soup Area of Any Supermarket. in The Past Year Alone, My Neighbourhood Grocery Store Has Added Dozens of Additional Alternatives. Although These Packs Can Cost a Little More than The Most Basic Blocks of Instant Noodles, They Are Still Quite Inexpensive and Typically Cost Less than A Couple of Dollars.

For Even More Choices in Instant Noodles, I Also Suggest Visiting Your Neighbourhood Asian Grocery Store. Over the Past Year, I’ve Been Visiting My Neighbourhood H-Mart on A Regular Basis. I’ve Discovered Numerous New Instant Ramen Brands There that I Adore, and I Haven’t Even Begun to Sample Their Entire Selection.

Start with Stock

One of The Best Instant Ramen Hacks Is to Use Stock Rather than Water. You Can’t Top the Rich Mouthfeel that Handmade Stock Provides to Soups of All Kinds, Even Instant Ramen. I’ve Been Making Instant Pot Stock Regularly for The Past Year and Even Recorded a Video About It.

ramen hacks

Use a High-Quality Box of Store-Bought Stock or Bone Broth if This Is Too Much of A Step for You. Use a Brand with Reduced Sodium Content or None at All, as The Flavour Packets Provided with Instant Ramen Include All the Salt You Require.

What to Add Instant Ramen? so Many Tasty Things!

The only Ingredients in A Plain Instant Ramen Packet Are Noodles and Broth. Ramen Can Be Made Heartier, Though, by Adding a Variety of Ingredients. What Could I Put in Ramen? to Make Instant Soup Feel More Like a Meal, I Prefer to Add Some Protein-Rich Mix-Ins. Check Your Freezer First. Simply Add Frozen Meatballs Into Your Broth as It Begins to Boil for Quick Ramen. While Cooking, the Meatballs Will Contribute to The Taste of Your Soup Base.

I Also Enjoy Frozen Fish Balls, Which I Frequently Keep on Hand and Can Be Found at My Neighbourhood Asian Grocery Store. Wontons Are Another Freezer Treasure that I Enjoy Including in My Ramen. when I Discover These, I Always Buy a Bag to Put in My Ramen.

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Supplement the Seasoning Pack

Flavour Need Not End with Your Spice Packet and The Stock. I Prefer to Use Certain Condiments I Always Have on Hand to Boost My Flavour Pack. Check out One of These Add-Ons. to Give Your Instant Ramen a Nutty Taste and The Soup a Fuller Texture, Whisk in Sesame Paste or Peanut Butter. Or, Add Some miso to your broth to create a miso ramen soup. Add a small amount of gochujang to add some Korean flavour.

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