Prior to suffering an injury, Jazz For the Miami Marlins, Chisholm appeared to be the second baseman of the future. But now that the Marlins have Luis Arraez, Chisholm’s grip on second base has been broken.

Jeff Passan, Chisholm will now serve as Miami’s starting centre fielder. Passan received the information from Marlins General Manager Kim NG, who also stated that Arraez will play second base. Jean Segura, a recent free agent, will play third base.

Jazz Chisholm

This season, Chisholm started 60 games at second base for the Marlins. With 14 home runs, 45 RBI, and 12 stolen bases, he had a.254 average. Prior to sustaining a season-ending back injury, Chisholm was named to the All-Star squad for the first time in his career.

Jazz Chisholm

Jazz has played in the major leagues since the minors. Chisholm has never manned the centre field position. He has a tonne of experience at second base and shortstop, but none at the centre. The Marlins believe Chisholm can manage the outfield, though.

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Land Arraez received the pitcher Pablo Lopez from Miami along with two prospects. The second baseman hit.314 last season, winning the American League batting title. He also had 49 RBI and eight home runs, earning Arraez a Silver Slugger. Arraez undoubtedly fills the offensive production void that the Marlins have experienced recently.

Chisholm has displayed all the characteristics of an MLB superstar. He possesses the strength and quickness to consistently play at a 20/20 level. In the congested NL East, the Marlins are still making an effort to contend. The team’s best move right now is to shift Chisholm to the centre field.


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