Aaron Judge

MLB fans are eagerly anticipating where the biggest names in free agency will sign, as well as whether their favorite team will acquire a big fish or lose one to a rival team, even though the World Series is still ongoing.

There isn’t a larger fish this year than Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees hitter who broke the American League home run record in 2022. Will he choose to stay with the one and only professional team he has known since making his debut in August 2016?

Aaron Judge

or will he leave for another team, like the San Francisco Giants, or perhaps a third one that appears at the bottom of the ninth to steal away the four-time All-Star? Well, it certainly sounds like the Giants are content and optimistic about their chances, according to Jon Heyman of the New York Post.

The Giants are “obviously gung-ho” in their pursuits and are reportedly thrilled with Judge’s visit this week, Heyman writes. “However, the notion that they are at a disadvantage because they are his hometown team is flimsy; he is from Linden, Calif., which is two hours and a lifestyle away. In reality, Judge currently resides in Tampa, which is Yankees territory.

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Okay, so there you have it. While the idea that Linden, California is a lifestyle away from San Francisco and yet Tampa is Yankees territory is at best questionable, the fact that an MLB writer based in New York is aware that the Giants and Aaron Judge had a fruitful meeting doesn’t bode well for Judge’s future. However, unless he makes a commitment, it is impossible to accurately predict what will transpire.

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