Right now, there is a lot of unrest within the Chicago Bulls. The most recent speculations surrounding the struggling team revolve around DeMar DeRozan allegedly being close to seeking a trade away from Chicago. The five-time All-Star has learned of the reports and has made the greatest decision regarding how to address them.

DeRozan made the decision to use Instagram to express his ideal response to the transfer speculations. The Bulls star channeled his inner Denzel Washington as he used a scene from the acclaimed movie Training Day to explain his true feelings regarding his trade connections:

DeMar DeRozan’s

Just from this clip, it appears that DeMar DeRozan won’t be leaving. You can hear Washington’s persona in the video complaining about how 90% of the news he reads is “bulls**t.” Although the Bulls star made no direct mention of the trade rumors, it’s difficult to believe that he was trying to let everyone know that they were untrue.

Whatever the case, it is undeniable that the Bulls are currently facing numerous issues. DeMar may not be moving on, but Zach LaVine, another All-Star teammate, has reportedly expressed interest in departing Chicago.

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During one of their most recent losses, there was reportedly a fight inside the locker room during which the team’s members vented their anger toward LaVine. I suppose we’ll have to wait to see whether LaVine responds to all of this commotion with a movie allusion on Instagram.


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