Just recently, Michael Jordan received the distinction of having his name associated with the NBA Most Valuable Player award. Unsurprisingly, this led to some very frank responses from LeBron James supporters.

The latest remarks made by NBA veteran and journeyman Evan Turner won’t be welcomed by those same supporters. The former Boston Celtics point forward used Twitter to cast some light-hearted shade at LeBron fans who were wondering what accolade the NBA may bestow upon King James after his career is over.


Even LeBron’s most fervent followers have to agree that’s at least a little humorous. God forbid we ever need another NBA bubble.

However, some of the comments didn’t seem to agree. A select few attempted to make fun of Evan Turner by giving him an undesired new NBA award of his own and telling him where he stood in the NBA power structure.

After receiving so much backlash for his LeBron joke, Turner responded with another tweet to try to defend himself.

Although it could have upset some Twitter users, it’s very likely that Turner and James were just laughing in private.

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In reality, the two have a lengthy history of conflict. Three times, once each with the Celtics, 76ers, and Pacers, Turner has faced off against LeBron in a postseason series. Turner also participated in collegiate basketball for Ohio State, which is rumored to be James’ preferred school if he decides to attend one.

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