The fact that Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams and center Deandre Aytondon don’t always agree is well-known in the NBA. When the Suns lost to the Dallas Mavericks in Game 7 of the 2017 playoffs, Williams famously benched Ayton, sparking speculation that the top choice in the 2018 NBA Draft might leave the team. But things appear to be going well between the two. maybe through tonight.\

Deandre Ayton of The Suns and Monty Williams' Furious Exchange Reignites Speculations of A Feud.

Monty Williams and Deandre Ayton got into a furious altercation on the bench during the Suns’ 113-110 defeat to the Washington Wizards, which is sure to raise questions about their relationship, which hasn’t exactly been the best.

Even though the Suns lost, Deandre Ayton wasn’t the biggest offender. Ayton had a total of 30 points and tried his hardest to lead the undermanned Suns to victory. However, it appears that Ayton did something to enrage the Suns since Bradley Beal responded with a smile after he and Mikal Bridges traded insults.

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What the two were arguing over on the Sun’s bench is still unclear. Williams and the rest of the Suns might simply be bursting with rage after the struggling Wizards humiliated them.

However, it’s not a good sign that Williams and Ayton are publicly venting their emotions on one another. Their “fight” has largely been defined by the chilly treatment and internal anguish.

Deandre Ayton of The Suns and Monty Williams' Furious Exchange Reignites Speculations of A Feud.

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Deandre Ayton nearly left the Suns in free agency during the offseason. The Suns countered the Indiana Pacers’ offer after Ayton signed an offer sheet with them. After their embarrassing playoff departure, Ayton admitted that he and his coach hadn’t spoken in months, which only served to fuel their rumored feud.

Ayton, though, said that “nothing has changed” and that his connection with Williams was “back to normal” throughout the preseason. We’ll see if it holds true or if this disagreement turns out to be the beginning of something even more disastrous.


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