Star of the Atlanta Hawks Trae Young couldn’t help but chuckle at the most recent fine he was assessed by the NBA, and with good cause. For those who missed it, Young was fined $25,000 by the NBA for his fairly boisterous celebration after the Hawks’ buzzer-beating victory over the Chicago Bulls on Sunday night, 123-122. Young flung the ball into the seats after AJ Griffin netted the game-winning goal because he was too enthusiastic.

Although one could argue that Young threw the ball as a kind of celebration for the hard-fought victory rather than out of rage, it’s obvious that the NBA has punished such conduct before. The star for the Hawks expressed similar sentiments when he said that he “can’t celebrate s**t anymore.”

 Trae Young

I apologize to the Hawks supporter or fans who had the opportunity to touch the game-winning ball. Didn’t know I couldn’t do that,” Young tweeted after sharing a number of laughing emojis.

Trae Young does have a valid point, to be fair. It’s not like he intentionally threw the ball to their opponent’s supporters. However, regardless of whether you are on your home court, throwing the ball into the stands is simply prohibited.

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Young paid a significant price for that lesson, which was unfortunate. So don’t anticipate the sniper to toss the ball again the next time he celebrates. On Monday, the Hawks take on the Memphis Grizzlies, and then they play the Orlando Magic and Charlotte Hornets to finish the week. Trae Young of the Hawks chuckles at the $25,000 punishment for his crazy celebration against the Bulls

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