It’s no secret that Draymond Green, a standout for the Golden State Warriors, is a huge LeBron James fan. These two have put their old disagreement behind them and have become very good friends. Green has no qualms with praising the Los Angeles Lakers great at the level of a GOAT.

The most recent lie dropped by Dray about LeBron feels like a jab at Michael Jordan. After all, a discussion on the GOAT is inherently incomplete without MJ’s participation. However, Green feels that LeBron James will always be the league’s face and that no one else can compete with him in that regard:

I bow down to LeBron,” Green remarked (via Twitter’s Legion Hoops). There has never been a better face of the NBA, and I doubt there ever will be, given what he has done and what he is doing on and off the court.

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It’s important to understand that Green isn’t referring to his status as the best player of all time in this statement. He’s saying that no one has ever done the NBA’s national and international representation better than LeBron.

Warriors star Draymond Green’s

Popularity isn’t the only factor here, either. After all, James unfairly benefits from having social media and the internet in his time period, which MJ did not, helping him increase his reach (at least not in his prime).

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Draymond Green is also emphasizing how much LeBron has accomplished off the basketball court. James has been a catalyst for societal transformation. The Lakers player has never shied away from using his platform to become involved in social concerns, even if it means paying a price. About MJ, you can’t truly make the same claim.

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