The trade deadline is quickly approaching, and as February approaches, the rumor mill should get increasingly hotter. Jae Crowder, who is currently engaged in a season-long holdout with the Phoenix Suns, is one player who many anticipate will be with a different team after February 9th.

One of the prospective destinations for the seasoned swingman has been named as the Milwaukee Bucks, and it appears that Giannis Antetokounmpo and the company are now getting close to a potential trade agreement.

The Bucks were on the verge of finalizing a deal for Crowder, according to NBA source Matt Moore of the Action Network. However, the Houston Rockets turned out to be the obstacle that prevented Milwaukee from pulling off what would have been a coup

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Milwaukee supposedly had a deal with the Phoenix Suns for Jae Crowder, but the Houston Rockets, the third party in the transaction, demanded more draught picks as compensation. According to league sources, it wouldn’t be surprising if the trade went through in another iteration before the deadline, Moore writes.

Jae Crowder

Although it is still unclear what the Bucks will have to give up in order to send Crowder to Milwaukee, it is obvious that they will have to part with a sizable amount of assets. It comes as no surprise that the struggling Rockets are demanding draught assets, and it appears that the Bucks will have to comply with Houston’s demands in order to complete this three-team trade.

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Jae Crowder does not lack admirers from other teams in the league, so you can be sure that the Suns will try to get as much value as possible in this deal, whether it comes from the Bucks or not.

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