With only three minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, the Los Angeles Clippers were 14 points behind the Detroit Pistons. However, Paul George and the company ultimately forced overtime and won 142–131.

In the final three minutes of regulation, the Clippers put together a team effort that saw them go on a 16-2 run to transform a 126-112 deficit into a 128-128 tie. Later, LA maintained their advantage in overtime, with PG13 taking control and spurring the team to score 11 consecutive points to secure the victory.

Paul George

The Clippers are no strangers to comeback victories, but their victory over the Pistons has a distinct impact. After all, there have only been two such occasions in NBA history since the play-by-play era began (1996-97) when a team losing by 14 or more points with three minutes left in the game actually won. The record stands at 2-12,873, making LA’s most recent accomplishment just about impossible.

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Before Monday’s incredible comeback, the Clippers were 0-417 in those contests for good measure. The other two times it occurred was in a game between the Atlanta Hawks and Orlando Magic in 1997 and a contest between the Sacramento Kings and Minnesota Timberwolves in 2020.

The Clippers simply never give up, as they frequently demonstrate. When they are totally healthy, which they are not yet, the team will only become more dangerous to deal with. No one would want to play them in the postseason, without a doubt.

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