Trey Lance’s injury

Trey Lance was going to make this his year. Two weeks into the new season, the San Francisco 49ers quarterback sustained a season-ending ankle injury, which could not have come at a worse time. The 22-year-past-old’s few months have been challenging, but at this time, it appears that he is making significant progress on his road to recovery.

Lance traveled to Mexico City with the 49ers recently to play the Baltimore Ravens. Kyle Shanahan, the head coach of the Niners, is simply happy to see his young quarterback participating in recent off-field team activities:

It was exciting just getting him to travel with this for the first time out in Colorado, so him being in every meeting and being able to go to all those places with us and having him on the Saturday night meeting, or in this case the Sunday night meeting, before the game so we can go over all the third downs and red zone stuff, so now he’s preparing like he’s playing aside from everything on the field, Shanahan told reporters on Wednesday through PFT’s Mike Florio.

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However, Lance isn’t quite out of the woods yet in terms of his physical state. The former No. 3 overall pick still has a ways to go before making a comeback, according to Shanahan:

He’s not running, in my opinion, Shanahan said. I am aware that he is out of the boot and moving around normally. I’m not sure where he is in that, but he’s not pushing himself all that hard just yet.

 Trey Lance’s injury

Trey Lance’s comeback for the playoffs has also been ruled out by Coach Shanahan. The young quarterback for the Niners has essentially cast cold water on some fan hopes that this would be a possibility for their QB.

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Since I haven’t been told there’s a chance, Shanahan added, “I think things would have to be extremely drastic.” We didn’t expect that much from the start, and while I believe he is on pace with everything, I haven’t been told whether there is a chance.

The upcoming months will be used by both Lance and the 49ers to get ready for the upcoming campaign. For Lance, who still needs to live up to some high expectations from both fans and experts alike, it will be make-or-break time.


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