Raheem Mostert recently asserted that the Miami Dolphins have more talent than the San Francisco 49ers, to which Deebo Samuel fired the definitive retort. In case you missed it, Mostert recently gained notoriety by seeming to criticize Jimmy Garoppolo and San Francisco, the city in which he lived for six years before relocating to Miami this past offseason. He asserted that, when compared to the Niners, the Dolphins “had considerably more talent.”

Even though Morris later stated that his point was simply a comparison of the current rosters of both teams and not an attack on former Niners teams, Samuel and many other fans weren’t happy with it. Samuel made sure he got the final laugh after the 49ers beat the Dolphins 33-17 in Week 13 on Sunday to teach them a lesson.

When questioned about the 49ers defeating the Dolphins, Samuel replied, “I thought they had the best talent,” obviously alluding to Mostert’s earlier remark. That burn is brutal, man!

 Deebo Samuel

Unfortunately, Raheem Mostert and the Dolphins have no choice but to endure the taunts and comments leveled at them. After all, despite their lofty rhetoric, they fell short of their own high standards.

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The fact that Jaylen Waddle and Tua Tagovailo both sustained injuries throughout the game didn’t assist the Dolphins at all, but they can’t use that as an excuse since Jimmy Garoppolo of the 49ers also left the game with an injury. It all came down to the Niners’ superior talent over the Dolphins in the end.


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