Aaron Rodgers, the outstanding quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, has no doubts about who the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history are.

On Serge Ibaka’s “How Hungry Are You?” show, Rodgers wasn’t hesitant in giving his top five quarterbacks of all time. He first resisted adding his name to the list, but Ibaka persuaded him to do so; as a result, he only named four.

Tom Brady of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the first NFL legend cited by Rodgers before Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Brett Favre.

Even though Tom Brady has frequently outperformed Aaron Rodgers in the past, it is obvious that he respects the living icon. Furthermore, there is little doubt that the Packers quarterback greatly admires Brett Favre, who served as the team’s quarterback prior to the arrival of the Packers and subsequent takeover.

Joe Montana is obviously a good choice, but some would ask why he ranked Steve Young so highly.

 star Aaron Rodgers

Naturally, some people would be offended by the fact that he didn’t even take players like Johnny Unitas, Peyton Manning, and others into consideration. But perhaps he would have highlighted them if he hadn’t been required to place in the Top 5.

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But when it comes to choosing their GOATs for any position or sport, everyone has their own preferences and unique requirements. All things considered, Rodgers’ selections aren’t that horrible because every person he mentioned is at the very least regarded as one of the Top 10 quarterbacks in history.

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