During the New England Patriots vs. Las Vegas Raiders game on Sunday, Jerry Edmond was simply going about his business. The 24-year-old Pats supporter just wanted some quiet time to yell for his team. Fortunately, a Raiders fan intervened, and the footage of their brawl has gone viral on social media.

The Patriots ultimately suffered a crushing 30-24 loss in the contest. After Las Vegas won, the Raiders fan made sure to take advantage of Edmond’s suffering by yelling in his face. Undoubtedly, that was a repulsive sight that negatively affected Raiders supporters in general.

Now that Edmond has shared his pretty unpleasant story, it is clear what happened. The devoted Patriots supporter claimed that the woman actively taunted him during the game:

According to Edmond, who spoke with Don Amore of the La Crosse Tribune, “I was basically confronted by the woman at first and she told me it was disrespectful to be yelling for the Patriots in the stadium.” Then, as I was cheering throughout the game, she kept coming over to me.

Patriots fan

When Derek Carr would make a poor pass, one of the only things I would remark was, “That’s the Derek Carr I know.” She apparently found that offensive and called me disrespectful. Her husband then came over and cautioned me to mind what I said.

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Edmond assured the woman he wanted no trouble. Even after telling her that “all will be alright,” he asked her to go back to her seat. It is obvious that the Raiders fan ignored his plea. She actually took the exact opposite action.

Edmond claimed that throughout the entire time, she had been gently prodding me, but I had chosen to ignore her and focus on being by myself. I believe she just got mad and started cheering in my face even more after the Raiders recovered the Patriots’ fumbled ball. She turned to her spouse and they hugged while I was concentrating on the big screen and the field in an effort to understand what had happened.

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Edmond deserves praise for maintaining his composure throughout this tragedy. A less respectable individual undoubtedly would have behaved in a different way.

His noble disposition was not unnoticed. Social media was flooded with compliments for Edmond. Even Patriots owner Robert Kraft personally contacted him to give him access and seats to games. The Raiders praised Edmond for maintaining composure and criticized the woman’s conduct at the same time.

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