Ja’Marr Chase came down with an incredible catch in the back of the end zone just before halftime of Sunday’s Divisional Round game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills, which would have been his second touchdown of the half.

Unfortunately, a contentious review led to the score being thrown out because it was determined that Chase had not secured the ball before it reached the ground. The ball fell away when Chase made contact with the ground, forcing the Bengals to settle for a field goal.

Take a look at the play in question. This naturally begs the question: Was Ja’Marr Chase able to catch this?

Even though it’s a tough call, Twitter erupted in anger over the officials’ choice.

This might be the most uncommon Skip Bayless victory from the standpoint of Bengals supporters. if you support the Bills? Another typical Skip L.

It has been dubbed the “worst call in NFL history” by some. Could the Ja’Marr Chase issue rival the notoriety of Dez Bryant’s infamous non-catch?

Fans in Buffalo are alleging a heist after Chase and the Bengals were wrongfully only awarded three points when they should have received six.

Even the Steelers’ Najee Harris was completely taken aback by the call.

Given how evenly matched these two teams are, the officials’ choice could prove to be quite important in determining the result of this match.

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However, not everyone seems to think there was a catch. Maxx Crosby, a star for the Raiders, commended Matt Milano‘s performance for forcing the “incompletion.”

Regarding the regulations, it’s doubtful there was actually sufficient evidence to overturn the touchdown call made on the field.

In yet another key situation, the NFL’s inability to definitively establish what constitutes a catch reared its ugly head, sparking considerable debate.

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