Russell Wilson isn’t given up on the Denver Broncos just yet, despite the fact that they underperformed and didn’t live up to expectations this 2022 season. Wilson is adamant that they can win the Super Bowl, and despite the fact that many people are already writing them off following their recent terrible campaign, it is still their ultimate aim. According to Wilson, “Hopefully we can win a ring or two or more,” according to Zac Stevens of DNVR.

Russell Wilson’s

Of course, Russell Wilson and the Broncos are expected to walk the talk. The QB’s most recent statement will remain nothing more than a fantasy unless they can convince the public that they are genuinely competitive. They weren’t even able to demonstrate that they are capable of winning many titles this season.

The Broncos are predicted to have one of the poorest records in the whole NFL and the worst record in the AFC West at the end of 2022. They have a lot to work on when the offseason gets started because they are 4-12 going into the last game of the regular season.

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Finding a new coach who will be able to effectively exploit the ailing Wilson is, indeed, the first step for Denver. He and Nathaniel Hackett simply didn’t mesh, and now that Hackett is no longer with the team, the Broncos’ pick of their new locker room leader will be essential in determining whether or not the group can seriously contend for multiple championships. Fans currently have little choice but to wait and observe what the team does to prevent a repeat of their most recent mishap.

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