Kyler Murray, the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, suffered a non-contact knee injury against the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football. The newest information indicates that the prognosis for this latest setback is not promising.

Initial examinations of Murray’s injury have revealed a ruptured ACL, according to reports. The severity of the problem will still be determined by an MRI tomorrow, but there’s a significant probability this will be the quarterback’s final season in 2022.

According to reporter Mike Jurecki, “the Lachman’s Test is the gold standard for measuring ACL integrity,” he went on to detail the test performed on Murray that prompted the team to speculate about an ACL injury. It only takes a few seconds to determine whether there has been an ACL injury, and it is over 95% accurate. Because of this, many ACL injuries can be identified before an MRI is performed.

Kliff Kingsbury, the head coach of the Cardinals, also acknowledged that Murray’s injury didn’t appear significant, which increased concerns about how serious it actually is.

After the Cardinals’ 27-13 loss to the Patriots, Kingsbury told reporters, “I’ve never seen (Murray) in that type of shape, so I figured it wasn’t good.”

kyler murray

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the game’s first three plays. He abruptly fell to the ground while jogging with the ball and needed to be carried off the field. His initial status as questionable to return gave some comfort that his injury was not severe, but he was later declared out for the remainder of the evening.

An MRI of Kyler Murray‘s damaged knee should provide more information regarding his current state and future prospects. But it’s true that the situation doesn’t seem promising right now. Murray will most likely miss the rest of the season and maybe the first few months of the 2023 season if an ACL tear is really the cause.

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