Eagles kicker claps

The Philadelphia Eagles are getting ready for a crucial matchup against the New York Giants in the Divisional Round. Jake Elliott, the kicker, took a moment to speak about something unrelated to that game, though.

The NFL issued a warning to referees last week to be on the lookout for extraneous objects being utilized during field goal attempts. Elliott has argued that there is no problem with the practice and has resisted this warning.

According to Elliott, quoted by NJ.com, “We’ve always employed anything that’s within the regulations.” Simply said, it serves as a place marker. It is a portion of the playing field, much like a blade of grass or another similar object.

 Eagles kicker claps

Elliott claimed that the problem started five weeks ago. Additionally, he said that not only the Eagles organization but others have also raised this issue with the NFL.

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Elliott stated, “When we spoke to them, we explained what we were doing, and they witnessed what we were doing. Around the league, 30 clubs probably practice it. It’s only meant to be a point of emphasis, but someone inflates it. Every action we’ve taken has been entirely legal.

The kicker for the Eagles is having a career year. During the regular season, Elliott connected on 20 of 23 field goals. Additionally, he succeeded on five out of six shots from farther than 50 yards.

As the games get more crucial, this is good news for the Eagles. Field goals have the power to make or break a strong postseason run, and Philadelphia is in a prime position to win the Super Bowl this year.

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The Eagles, who are the top seed in the NFC, host the Giants this coming Sunday. For the first time in a while, they will have ace quarterback Jalen Hurts at full strength, which will give them a significant advantage.


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