In Sunday’s AFC Wild-Card Round home game against the Miami Dolphins, Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills sent themselves and their supporters on an emotional rollercoaster. But in the end, the Bills breathed a sigh of relief after beating a Dolphins team that didn’t even have Tua Tagovailoa at the helm.

After that tense experience, the Bills managed to win 34-31 while also sending Bills Twitter into a frenzy. A humorous projected ad from the future shared by Twitter user @BillsBabe716d highlights the variety of emotions the Bills’ fans experienced throughout the game against the Dolphins.

Bills Mafia


30 years from now, there will be commercials asking if the Buffalo Bills’ postseason games that were too close cost you years of your life and caused you to suffer. You might be eligible for monetary compensation.

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Below are more responses:

The Bills held a 14-0 lead at the end of the first quarter, and it appeared as though they would have an easy time defeating Miami. With just under eight minutes left in the first period, Dawson Knox broke the 0-0 tie with a touchdown catch, and James Cook quickly followed that up with a 12-yard touchdown run.

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However, the Dolphins, led by third-string rookie quarterback Skylar Thompson, outscored the Bills 17-6 in the second quarter to cut the lead to three at the break.

The Bills’ second half turned out to be a dicey experience on both sides of the field as well, but at least they managed to prevail in the end. When Buffalo plays in the AFC Divisional Round next weekend, they will have a week to try to fix their mistakes and iron out the kinks in their game plan.


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