Jamal Adams, a star for the Seattle Seahawks, is making good progress in his recovery from a leg injury, but don’t count on him to be back anytime soon. After Adams was observed in the Seahawks’ practice facility for his routine check-in with the team’s athletic training staff, head coach Pete Carroll said as much.

Adams’ terrible Week 1 injury, in which he tore his quadriceps tendon and crippled his knee, made the rest of the squad delighted to see him again, and his return cheered them all up. Adams is on schedule for his recuperation, according to Carroll, who also noted that he is generally “making good progress.”

It has been some while. This rehabilitation is challenging. It’s very demanding. He has experienced a lot. You could ask him. Return to the point where he is actually walking and moving has been difficult for him.

Jamal Adams

He has a large, ancient zipper on his knee, among other things. This particular injury is challenging. It’s a difficult one. But now that he’s doing well, he’s delighted. He’s finally moving, can clearly sense the improvement, is beginning to regain his strength, and all that,” Carroll said.

Pete Carroll did, however, emphasize that Jamal Adams won’t be participating in team practices any time soon. Fans shouldn’t expect the star safety to return right now because the Seahawks tactician said that “it’s going to take him the whole offseason” to fully recover from the problem.

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True enough, given the seriousness of Adams’ injury, the Seahawks can only exercise patience. He has fortunately avoided any significant setbacks in his rehabilitation, and it is hoped that this will continue throughout his therapy. When Jamal Adams suffered a season-ending injury, the Seahawks received an update.

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