Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, will likely respond with a significant scheduling adjustment if you ask him what change he wants to see in the NFL. Jones made a recent appearance on 105.3 The Fan and hinted as much, saying he has always supported an 18-game season.

The Cowboys’ head coach highlighted that it is the ideal number for him because a 20-game schedule would appear excessive. Jones did mention that the NFL may reduce the preseason to just two games in order to adhere to that schedule.

“I see one more, and I’m a huge supporter of it. I believe that level is appropriate. That makes it possible for us to play those games as the season’s opening games approach. You will improve if you participate in those contests because you will play fewer preseason contests, according to Jones, as quoted by Pro Football Talk.

Jerry Jones

For all of you history buffs, the NFL used to hold six preseason games. However, I continue to prefer playing two or three preseason games followed by 18 regular season games and have advocated for such. The NFL has increased the season to 17 games, so Jerry Jones‘ proposal isn’t all that outlandish. And you may be sure that other NFL owners will adore the concept.

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Who among the owners wouldn’t welcome the extra revenue that a second game would bring in? More tickets, TV commercials, and televised games result from adding a game.

Of course, the NFLPA might have some reservations about it, so the owners will need to take that into account. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, has a significant NFL schedule modification proposal that team owners will adore.

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