The Kansas City Chiefs’ five-game winning streak was snapped on Sunday when they were defeated 27-24 on the road by the reigning AFC champion Cincinnati Bengals. Juan Thornhill, a safety with the Kansas City Chiefs, wasn’t going to take the criticism that the Chiefs received from their own supporters following that defeat lying down.

Following the game, Thornhill sent out a scathing tweet to Chiefs supporters who he felt had gone too far in their civility after seeing Kansas City lose to Joe Burrow and the Bengals.

Be respectful. We give it all every week for you guys, and when a player fucks up a play or we lose a game, you guys criticize us. Now, let’s go. People should support us rather than join the other team and bring us down.

Regardless of the outcome of the team’s games, Thornhill has nothing but love for the Chief’s supporters.

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I respect all of you, especially the Real ones.

The Chiefs are still in a fantastic position to win the AFC West division despite the loss. No one is close to Kansas City at the top of the group at 9-3. The Los Angeles Chargers, who suffered a defeat to the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, have the next-best record in the AFC West at 8-8.

 Juan Thornhill

But objectively, the Chiefs’ defense was a factor in the team’s loss to Cincinnati. In Week 13, the Bengals gained 152 of their 431 total yards on the run.

In Week 14 against the Denver Broncos, who currently have the NFL’s worst offense, the Chiefs’ stop unit can perform better. After criticizing the team for the Bengal’s loss, Juan Thornhill yelled at Chiefs fans, “Be f-king respectful.”

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