Matthew Stafford’s scary spine injury

The damage to Matthew Stafford is more serious than first thought. After the Los Angeles Rams’ most recent defeat to the Seattle Seahawks, head coach Sean McVay reaffirmed this.

The Rams recently placed their best quarterback on injured reserve, citing a neck problem. Stafford, though, has a spinal cord contusion, claims McVay. The LA coach continued, saying there’s a “good probability” Stafford won’t play for the rest of the year.

Matthew Stafford’s

After four games, injured reserve players are able to rejoin their respective teams. Stafford shouldn’t play despite the Rams still having five games left to play. Not to mention that the squad has already lost the season, with little chance of making the playoffs.

Two times in November, Matthew Stafford entered concussion procedures, and many people have been concerned about his health. However, it appears that the spine problem was what made him miss numerous games.

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Many people have called for the Rams to bench Stafford for the remainder of the season, and Kelly, Matthew’s wife, even stated that she would rather for her husband to just rest and recover in the midst of his physical issues.

That appears to be what the Rams will be doing with their starting quarterback. Even while it’s undoubtedly a terrible turn of events, LA will benefit from giving their franchise leader some time to recover and get ready for the upcoming season. They wouldn’t want to make Stafford play in pointless contests and keep him out longer than necessary.


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