Melvin Gordon

After announcing their decision to release veteran running back Melvin Gordon, the Denver Broncos shocked the entire NFL. Considering how Gordon’s season has gone, it wasn’t a very stunning choice, but the action nonetheless raised a few eyebrows.

Gordon acknowledges that he still does not fully understand the circumstances surrounding his departure from the Broncos. The 29-year-old has drawn harsh criticism for all of his mistakes this year, but he is sure that this wasn’t the real issue:

No, that wasn’t even mentioned, Gordon informed 9News’ Mike Klis. I thought it was crazy when I saw that. Because [G.M.] George [Paton] made no mention of that when I spoke with him.

Melvin Gordon

He was aware of the setting I was in. He was aware of how I felt about my predicament there, informed me about the fan base and how difficult it had been for me, and said he didn’t want to put me through this anymore, adding that given our circumstances, it was probably for the best.

He assured me that I still had a lot of football left and offered his endorsement. Given the current situation, there is really no use in having me around, and he simply wants me to leave and rediscover my joy.

Gordon is also certain that Broncos supporters did not think highly of him. This relationship, in his opinion, was a key factor in the team’s decision to fire him:

The last three years have been difficult for me there, with this year being the most difficult, Gordon remarked. I’m not angry. I never got along with the fans when I came here, but I want to let them know that I don’t mind how they treated me. It’s a component of the game. They have high standards for their players, and I fell short of them. No hard feelings exist.

For Gordon, everything is business. He comprehends why Broncos fans felt the way they did toward him, which was also a result of the fact that he failed to perform on the field. He stated that everything is just a part of the game.

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The two-time Pro Bowl running back is currently trying to advance. The former Wisconsin star will start again with his new squad, and it appears that he now has a few options:

Many different teams are expressing interest, according to Gordon. We’re attempting to determine which scenario is ideal. I’m attempting to determine how a few teams, who are now preparing for the playoffs, fit into this.

Melvin Gordon is adamant about getting back on the field as soon as possible because he obviously has some unfinished business.

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