Mike Williams Injury

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Mike Williams is expected to return as soon as possible. Williams won’t be able to play until this Sunday when the Los Angeles Rams host the Miami Dolphins at home, but if Wednesday’s practice was any indicator of his condition, Los Angeles can feel a little more optimistic about seeing the imposing wide receiver in action in Week 14.

Wednesday apparently saw practice for Williams. Since injuring his ankle at home in Week 11 against the Kansas City Chiefs, it was the first time he has participated in any kind of practice.

The ankle injury he first suffered in Week 7’s home game against the Seattle Seahawks had actually gotten worse. Williams is a gifted wide receiver who possesses all the necessary talents to rule downfield. He is a matchup concern for opposition teams every week because of his size and combination, but he also attracts injuries.

Mike Williams Injury

The Chargers can nevertheless be thrilled about Williams’ presumably impending comeback. With a 6-6 record, the Chargers are now in second place behind the Chiefs in the AFC West Division.

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While it seems doubtful that they can overtake Patrick Mahomes and company for the division’s top spot, wins will increase their chances of at least earning a wild-card spot in the postseason.

Los Angeles has dropped three of its previous four contests, including the Week 13 matchup with the Raiders. Williams now ranks third on the team in receiving yards with 510 and has five touchdown catches so far this season.


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