Sam Hubbard and the Cincinnati Bengals turned their Wild Card matchup against the Baltimore Ravens on its head with an incredible fumble return, sending the entire NFL Twitter into a frenzy.

The Bengal’s defense made a crucial play and forced a turnover while the Ravens were in an excellent position to score a touchdown close to the end zone. Hubbard swiftly looked the other way and rushed to their side of the field after retrieving the ball. Given the sudden turn of events, the Baltimore defense was unable to recover right away; Mark Andrews was the only player to attempt a pursuit, though to no avail.

Hubbard’s 98-yard touchdown on the fumble return created a tonne of history, including the longest Bengals touchdown in team history and the biggest fumble return touchdown in NFL playoff history. Naturally, the entire football world went bananas over it, with both fans and professionals posting on social media about how unbelievable it was.

Sam Hubbard’s

BENGAL SEASON WAS JUST SAVED BY SAM HUBBARD. OMG, very wonderful. WOW,” an admirer exclaimed.

Another commenter said, “HOLY SH*T BENGALS.”

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Holy crap Bengals exclaimed Barstool Sports’ Dana Beers. The best football play EVER was that one. “This is Cincinnati Bengals football,” remarked Joe Dannemon of FOX 19. Just always manage to find a way, it seems. Amazingly fantastic

My goodness, that couldn’t have fallen into Sam Hubbard’s hands more precisely, ESPN’s Mina Kimes said.

Hubbard’s touchdown is undoubtedly a contender for the greatest play of the NFL playoffs, despite the fact that there have already been a number of outstanding plays in this Wild Card round.


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