Tom Brady is without a doubt the best quarterback of all time, according to Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers. After all, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star has it all when it comes to longevity, general success, and championships.

When he appeared as a guest on Serge Ibaka’s show, Rodgers confessed as much. He was asked who is the GOAT for him after listing Brady, Steve Young, Brett Favre, and Joe Montana as his top four quarterbacks of all time. He didn’t think twice about giving Brady the distinction, and with good cause.

Why Tom Brady Is the Goat Quarterback, According to Packers Star Aaron Rodgers.!

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The Packers’ star remarked, “I believe you need to go by championships definitely, so that’d be Tom.”

Fair enough, it’s difficult to disagree with that. Despite the fact that the NFL has produced many excellent quarterbacks, as Aaron Rodgers noted, no one has ever been as successful or as dominant as Tom Brady.

Why Tom Brady Is the Goat Quarterback, According to Packers Star Aaron Rodgers.!

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Brady boasts multiple records that will be challenging for any other quarterback to match, including seven Super Bowl victories (more than any other NFL team), five Super Bowl MVP awards, and three regular season MVP awards. He became the first person to surpass 100,000 throwing yards in just one season, demonstrating his supremacy across more than two decades in the NFL.

When TB12 decides to call it a career, nobody may be able to equal what he has accomplished in the sport of American football because he is still breaking records.


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