After losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Wild Card round, the Los Angeles Chargers made a number of personnel adjustments. The Chargers choose to break ways with offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi even though they decided to maintain head coach Brandon Staley for the 2023 season. Lombardi joined the team in 2021 after serving as the quarterback’s coach for the New Orleans Saints.

The Chargers’ next offensive coordinator will not be found only by Telesco. He intends to speak with Justin Herbert to get his advice on who the team should choose to replace the vacant post, as he stated during a news conference on Thursday.

That’s how I’ve always thought and behaved, too, I know that’s how Brandon [Staley] thinks. Quarterbacks have somewhat earned that, I suppose. at the very least some background information, some consideration of the process, and some input.

Tom Telesco

There are a number of characteristics that Telesco will be seeking in the Chargers’ upcoming offensive coordinator, but one sticks out above the others.

The one topic we consistently discuss—and it has nothing to do with Xs and Os—is leadership, according to Telesco. “You need that as a coach, and definitely as a coordinator because you’re in charge of that team. Leadership is the first thing you examine.

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“Then comes communication and teaching skills, which go hand in hand. You have a lot of players to deal with. Because everyone learns differently, we must approach each person individually while yet being able to effectively impart the principles.

There are many factors at play, to put it simply. These two items are. I enjoy learning about people’s backgrounds, including where they came from and who they learned from.

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In the big picture, the Chargers’ season on the offensive side of the ball has been quite a roller coaster. With an average of 359.3, they had the ninth-highest total yards per game in the NFL. Additionally, the AFC West team averaged just 23.0 points per game, a significant decrease from the 2021 season (27.9).

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