The quarterback situation for the San Francisco 49ers is hopeless. The squad, which now has an 8-4 record and is sitting comfortably within the postseason seedings, is left in quest of explanations in light of the most discouraging Jimmy Garoppolo news. But is Trey Lance’s recovery a possibility for one of those solutions?

Kyle Shanahan, the head coach of the 49ers, doesn’t want you to get your hopes up if you’re hoping to see the mysterious Lance on the field. No, Kyle Shanahan informed Tim Kawakami of The Athletic following his most recent press conference. Physically, he is unable to. Yes, hell yes, if he could. However, I’ve been informed no on that as of right now.

Jimmy Garoppolo injury

Although Shanahan’s response is far from encouraging for a future Trey Lance sighting, Kawakami believes that it does leave the door “slightly ajar” if Lance makes significant progress in his recuperation.

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However, it doesn’t exactly seem like a sensible decision to pin the 49ers’ expectations on a recovering sophomore quarterback who has only started eight games while healthy. There were rumors that the Niners weren’t against bringing Jimmy back for another season to start ahead of Trey Lance just before Garoppolo’s injury.

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That doesn’t exactly express confidence in Lance’s current skills, let alone in his potential to perform until he fully recovers from a catastrophic injury well into the 2022 season. The 49ers are currently placing all of their faith in Brock Purdy, a rookie. It is unclear what the team’s QB plans are for the remainder of the season.


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