How are the Baltimore Ravens looking for this weekend's match up against the Cleveland Browns?

The Baltimore Ravens have been having a rather up-and-down 2022 NFL season thus far, with the organization currently has achieved a record of 3-3 after the first six weeks of football.

Indeed, many would argue that the Ravens should have a record that is a lot better than that, especially as they have been dominant in the vast majority of games to have been played. For instance, one stat that was revealed during the game against the New York Giants was that the team from Maryland had only trailed for less than a quarter of football throughout the entirety of the season.

However, fans who watched that game had witnessed Lamar Jackson throw a needless interception that saw Big Blue end the game as winners, thus taking the Ravens to 3-3. Next up, though, is another tough game…

Ravens set to play Browns


Those that follow the Ravens will know that a tough AFC North clash against the Cleveland Browns is next on the schedule, in a game that could have implications on whether the organization is able to reach the postseason already.

While we are only about to hit Week 7, there is no denying that divisional clashes like these are a telling game in regard to how the remainder of the sport’s season could turn out. Indeed, with the Ravens being able to dominate games largely, they will need to ensure they can finish them, too.

The team has not had too many issues on offense this season, having been able to put up a total of 158 points. This is good enough for the team to be third in the rankings in the AFC – behind the Kansas City Chiefs (179) and the Buffalo Bills (176) – while it places them fourth overall in this metric with the Philadelphia Eagles (161) sitting third.

However, there have been concerns on the defense, with the team giving up 141 points so far. Thankfully for the organization, the Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers have been a lot worse, although the Cincinnati Bengals have been much tighter.

As mentioned, the Ravens will go up against the Browns in the next game, with the Maryland side set to host them at the M&T Bank Stadium; a place the team has not been very good at this season. They currently have a 1-2 record when it comes to playing at home – not good reading for a team that will have aspirations of reaching the postseason.

Looking Ahead to The Upcoming Game

So, with Week 7 just a few days away, we thought we would take a look ahead to the upcoming AFC North clash between the Ravens and Browns, and try to predict what may happen once the two teams take to the field.

Indeed, many based in Maryland may be looking to try and make their own predictions about what may happen when the two teams hit the gridiron, with some sports betting enthusiasts already looking at the odds available.

We have already seen some of the odds for this weekend’s match on the Maryland Pointsbet sportsbook that would suggest the home team is the favorite, and this could be potentially encouraging for those that like to place bets.

One reason that the team is thought to be the favorites by the bookmakers is due to their ability to score. The team has not had an issue on offense, as we have already highlighted, while the Browns have had trouble keeping the ball out of the endzone. Through six weeks of NFL action, the Ohio-based team has given up 163 points; one of the highest totals in the league at this stage of the season.

However, it will not all be easy for Jackson and the team, though. Their AFC North rivals have been able to get down the field themselves often as they have managed to score 148 points, whereas the Baltimore defense has struggled, too. They have given up a total of 141 total points thus far.

How are the Baltimore Ravens looking for this weekend's match up against the Cleveland Browns?

Will the Ravens Blow Another Lead?

While the Ravens Are 3-3, the Team Could Have a Much Better Record at This Point of The Season if It Were Not for One Consistent Theme that Appears to Have Been Causing Them Trouble: blowing leads.

archives appear to have found entering the fourth quarter of games to be a curse and a struggle, as they have blown three leads when entering this period of the game, thus resulting in the three losses to have been achieved.

Indeed, if they had managed to hold on against the Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills in Week 2 and Week 4 respectively, they would have entered the game against the New York Giants in Week 6 with an unbeaten 5-0 record.

They looked as though they were on course for the win in East Rutherford, New Jersey, too before two late turnovers by Jackson ended up costing them and taking them from a potential 6-0 record to a 3-3 record at this stage.

So, it begs the question, will the Ravens blow another fourth-quarter lead and suffer defeat to the Browns? While it is impossible to answer that question, many will be hoping that this is something that does not repeat itself when they do take to the field at the M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday.

Final Thoughts

The Ravens will need to play their best football to ensure they are able to get a victory against their AFC North rivals and further strengthen their place at the top of the division. Naturally, that is the only thing that will matter for the organization, as they will want to be playing in the postseason.

However, they will need to be wary of the mistakes that they continue to make when in winning positions, and with it appearing to be a constant theme, there may be some in Baltimore who may be watching through their hands come the fourth quarter of this game…

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