Russell Wilson

Observing the NFL offseason is like witnessing a natural wonder of the planet. So much may happen in a short period of time. In the blink of an eye, a squad might transform from an outsider to an actual contender. the biggest question now that Russell Wilson has been sent to Denver is:

Will the Denver Broncos become dark horse contenders for the Super Bowl because to Russell Wilson’s play?


Not… In spite of being one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of the last decade, he is no longer the perfect offensive weapon. After playing the primary role in the most ridiculous play call in Super Bowl history, his playoff record has been dismal at best.

In the playoffs, you either reside in Seattle or have Russell Wilson on your fantasy football squad. Let me let you in on a little secret, football is not a team sport, as some of you may believe. In 2014, the Legion of Boom came to a close.

Forget about winning the division with Wilson as your quarterback if your defence isn’t up to snuff! This season, he has won just three games in the playoffs; those were against Detroit (Lions), Philadelphia (Eagles), and Minnesota (Vikings). Blair Walsh was the sole reason Seattle was able to win any of those games.

What’s Russell Wilson’s Excuse

Russell Wilson

It’s possible that Russell Wilson’s lack of weaponry is to blame. Nope. If you look at his eight postseason games, you’ll see him with players like DK Metcalf, Doug Baldwin, and Jermaine Keary. Now he’ll have to get used to passing to the likes of Jerry Jeudy and Tim Patrick, who are both capable receivers.

But at least he has Javonte Williams to turn to. This division’s defensive front isn’t exactly stacked. Khalil “Sack Attack” Mack and Joey Bosa? Chandler Jones and Maxx Crosby? Seriously? It’s time to confront facts. Running for his life outside of the pocket is what he’ll be doing when he has the ball.

Russell Wilson

It’s a good thing he’s still that electrifying, dual-threat quarterback we all know and love. For the second straight season, Wilson led the team in rushing yards with 183, eclipsing Ke’Shawn Vaughn and Godwin Igwebuike combined. (Ig-we-byu-kay) Don’t worry, he can’t achieve the same amount of passing yards he can’t get in rushing.

Even making the Pro Bowl after throwing for little over 3,100 yards last year is a miracle. On the other hand, who else will serve as an NFC alternate for Tom Brady? If only we’d gotten to watch Jalen Hurts on the field! Despite the fact that Jalen Hurts had more passing and rushing yards than Wilson, he didn’t get the opportunity to play. Hurts, in contrast to Wilson, made the playoffs despite having a subpar offence.

Ultimately, where else in January would you rather be than the 2021 Pro Bowl in Las Vegas? To be honest, I don’t think Tom Brady or Matt Stafford would have minded taking Wilson’s spot in the starting lineup. That’s another issue we need to raise awareness about. How can Russell Wilson expect to escape the Wild, Wild AFC West if he can’t even finish third in the NFC West?

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Getting by In the Wild, Wild West

Denver Broncos’ acquisition of Russell Wilson isn’t necessarily a terrible move on my part. The excitement around Russell Wilson has gotten a little out of hand in recent years, in my opinion.

Nearly all of the league’s head coaches would be content with one of Russell Wilson’s “low years.” To improve your team’s chances of finishing with a winning record, Wilson would be a great addition. It’s another else entirely if your team is in dire need of a Super Bowl victory. An NFL team’s top five quarterbacks may make or break it. Russell Wilson is no longer one of the best quarterbacks in the country.

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One Last Ride for the Denver Bronco

Russell Wilson

It’s too late for Russell Wilson to become a Hall of Famer. He’ll show glimpses of his younger self from time to time, but can he stay healthy and perform at 100% for a complete season? There’s a reason Seattle was interested in trading for him in the first place. Getting older isn’t an advantage when you’re the general manager of an NFL team. Having an elder member on the team provides leadership, but it is up to the rest of the cast to put on a show for him.

The Broncos will have a winning record, that much is certain. They’ll become better, but they won’t be able to beat the other teams in the AFC West. Do not forget, last year, the Broncos finished in the bottom half of their division. This year, all four teams might make the playoffs, thanks to the addition of fresh players and a solid defence in Denver.

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