Adam Silver’s

After the disgraced owner decided to put the NBA franchise, along with the Phoenix Mercury, up for sale, the terrifying Robert Sarver story that shook the Phoenix Suns is on life support. Even so, Adam Silver made sure to have a straight conversation with individuals responsible from within the organization.

Silver reportedly gathered the Sun’s staff to discuss the NBA’s failings in avoiding such an environment from festering from the inside, according to ESPN’s Baxter Holmes.

Sam Garvin, the team’s temporary governor, and a group of hundreds of employees gathered in the lower bowl of the stadium hours before the game. Silver addressed them and said, “I’m deeply sympathetic to what many of you have lived through.

Silver, who was seated on a stool with a microphone in his hand, continued, in part, “To the extent that you feel let down by the league, I apologize. I accept accountability for that.

When asked if the NBA was aware of some of Robert Sarver’s violations before the game, Adam Silver made it abundantly apparent that the answer was no.

“Have I ever heard that Robert might be challenging to deal with? Sure,” Silver said to the staff. However, that is completely different from the behavior that is perceived as discriminating in any way.

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According to Silver, what occurred to the Suns was a “failure of an overarching system” that the league should have been made aware of before it took the course it did.

The Suns are nearing the finish line in their battle to end the Sarver controversy. But it’s obvious that its repercussions will still be felt, and Silver and the NBA must take more steps to prevent a repeat of it.


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