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Among the most anticipated shifts in the NFL this season Amazon (AMZN -1.8% vs. NFL 0%) At a cost of almost $11 0.0% billion per year, AMAZON 0.0% produced its own game cast of Thursday Night FootballFTBL 0.0% for the first time this season. However, the Hall of FameFAME2 0.0% commentator that the e-commerce and cloud behemoth recruited to perform play-by-play warns that you shouldn’t expect Amazon to completely upend the industry.

Saying, “I won’t create a new paradigm. “None of us are nervous about tonight’s game,” Al Michaels said in a lighthearted interview with “Halftime Report” with Scott Wapner on the morning of Amazon’s first regular season game. Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Justin Herbert of the Los Angeles Chargers, two of the league’s most exciting young quarterbacks, will square off in this matchup.

Michaels confirmed that yesYES3 0.0 %, Amazon will use the same “X-Ray” technology it used in its PrimeD2D 0.0 % VideoVIDEO 0.0 % movies and series to provide more in-game context about Mahomes, Herbert, and other players. You can look forward to more in-depth, “next-gen,” statistics about the game and its participants.

However, Michaels assured us that the game will have its usual appearance. While Michaels and 0.0% college analyst Kirk Herbstreit will serve as the lead team, Amazon has pledged to shake things up with the announcement presentation.

Naturally, there will also be a feed with a Spanish-speaking announcing crew, and a third with what Amazon is dubbing Prime Vision with Next-Gen Stats. The YouTube channel DudeDUDE 0.0 percent perfect will have its own channel, where viewers can see the duo as they set up intricate videos of trick shots of various kinds.

Only if they got a higher grade than we do, Michaels added, will he be worried. Amazon hosted its own preseason exhibition game in the final week, featuring a battle between San Francisco and Houston that drew just over a million viewers, said Nielsen, the company Amazon contracted with to provide advertiser metrics on the game’s audience size.

In addition, Lanzano wasn’t the only one who vouched for the broadcast’s continuous success. As of today, Sinclair BroadcastingBROC 0.0% GroupThe TVB ratings were cited by Rob Weisbord, CEO of the country’s second-largest broadcasting group, as further proof of broadcast television’s continued health. Weisbord made these remarks during a panel I moderated at the NextNET2 0% TV conference.

 Al Michaels

A number of other features of Thursday Night Football will remain the same. So as not to lose what has traditionally been one of the biggest audience sources for NFL games overall, Amazon contracted with DirecTVTV 0.0% to continue to deliver the Thursday night game feeds to more than 200,000 bars, restaurants, and other commercial venues.

Without the Sunday Ticket package of out-of-market NFL games next season, DirecTV may be able to work out a similar deal for carriage with its long-time commercial clients, cooperating with whichever provider ultimately prevails in those protracted negotiations. However, no firm date has been set for an agreement with Amazon, AppleAAPL -1.9%APP 0.0%APPLE 0.0%, or the late-comer, Alphabet’s YouTube TV.

Michaels has made an annual morning appearance on CNBC to kick off the NFL season. Michaels has given his own investment advice, thoughts, and laments during his recent appearances on CNBC and its sister network NBC, as well as other venues. This morning, Michaels was asked whether he had any advice for viewers in the wake of a rough week for the stock markets.

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He advised, “First of all, wear a blindfold,” so that you wouldn’t see the market crash early in the week after disappointing news on persistently rising inflation. Second, I want to store all of my cash in metal cans and bury them in the yard.

CNBC hosts turned the subject over to Ritholtz WealthWLT3 0.0% Management founder and regular contributor JoshJOSH 0.0% Brown for more rigorous recommendations.

Brown took the tack of recommending tax-free municipal bonds for Michaels to buy in because he assumed Michaels was extraordinarily highly paid (he is, nearly $1 million a game) and because he lives in a state with extremely high taxes.

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In contrast to “burying cash in cans in the backyard,” Brown deemed this a vast improvement. In response, the 77-year-old radio host said, “I hear you Josh, but you get to a certain point in life, (the concept of) long-term investing… The following Tuesday.

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