Ozzie Albies Injury

While manager Brian Snitker has made it a point to emphasize taking things one day at a time this season, even he can’t deny the enthusiasm surrounding this weekend’s series against the New York Mets. On Friday night, Snitker and the Braves will take on the Mets and Jacob deGrom in the series opener.

Yes, it’s a lot of fun. “When we first started this, you looked at the schedule and thought maybe it might come down to this,” Snitker said. We anticipated that they would be a strong club, he continued. They were busy over the offseason. Many of their men have been returned to them. It’s clear they have a well-developed structure. “That’s a good team, and we anticipated a tough division going in.”

Since the beginning of the season, the Mets have been the division’s best team. The Braves season has been written off more than once, but they’ve always found a way to regroup and get back in the game. When the Mets lost four of five to Atlanta in early August, it looked like things were going from bad to worse. The Braves were true to form, as they won three of four games at Trust Park the next week, including a victory against deGrom.

Snitker attributed his team’s resilience to their prior success in pressure situations. The majority of this bunch has been to the postseason for the past four years in a row, and they are fresh off a World Series victory from the previous year. They’ve shown time and time again that they can handle enormous pressure situations.

Yes, I believe that to be the case. They’ve been through this before,” Snitker added. They’re used to high-stakes games by now. They have developed a habit of always winning. They have seen and done everything, so that’s a plus.

There’s not much wiggle room for the Braves in the division battle this weekend, but they’ve already clinched a playoff spot. However, Snitker stressed that the division title was and still is the ultimate objective.

If you want to win the division, Snitker thinks it would be helpful to have some “down days” to get things ready. “But if not, I like the situation we find ourselves in. We’re going to give ourselves another shot at doing something truly remarkable. Every year when we break camp, the division championship is our primary objective, and that hasn’t changed.

At the plate, Michael Harris is once again batting third. Michael Harris, a rookie outfielder, will bat third for the second game running. When queried about the move, Snitker explained that he felt more comfortable with Harris in the third place.

Ozzie Albies Injury

I welcome his advance. It helps us strike a better balance between offense and defense, Snitker remarked. More recognition should be given to him for everything that he has accomplished. With him in the lineup, we’ve got a longer batting order, which is something I appreciate. Snitker has stated that unless Spencer Strider, who is now on the injured list with a sore oblique muscle, resumes throwing, they will likely not have a timetable for him.

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To yet, “he hasn’t thrown,” as Snitker put it. I saw him working out with weights earlier and he was doing all the typical stuff, but he still hasn’t thrown. They only want to double-check before he gets going; they have no idea what to anticipate from his forward momentum.

He feels great and reported feeling significantly better today than yesterday, Snitker noted. He won’t start throwing until the final second, I’m guessing. My guess is that you won’t find out unless he really does it.

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On Friday, Ozzie Albies took several ground balls while warming up with a reduced-size cast on his right hand. Snitker has stated that he will remain in this cast for about a week before further evaluation.

Snitker added, “He got a fresh one the other day for another week. ” in reference to Albies. I doubt we’ll know anything about the situation or how he got out of it until he actually does. Everything checked out on the X-rays. Maintaining his fitness level is a top priority for him, so he’s doing everything in his power.

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