Von Miller

At age 33, long past the time when most NFL players are supposed to have lost their top speed, Von Miller continues to impress. But on Thursday for the Buffalo Bills, he looked as swift as ever. If you don’t believe me, just ask Rams OT Joe Noteboom.

Miller recorded two sacks for the Bills, giving him 27 in his professional career. The Rams appeared to be unprepared to deal with him on the majority of snaps. Plus, he wasn’t the first Bills defensive end to make an impact. The Bills came out on top, winning by a score of 31-10. They looked particularly strong in the second half.

After one game, it may be too early to declare the Rams “need” a left tackle, but the absence of Andrew Whitworth, who retired in the offseason, was noticeable. Miller was able to sneak around Noteboom several times and get to Matthew Stafford, making the former appear befuddled while trying to block him.

The Rams were put in a position they aren’t used to being in after a night in which the Bills had seven sacks for a total of 49 yards lost. It’s true that the Rams’ last game resulted in 43 yards lost due to sacks of Joe Burrow, but who recorded two of those sacks for the Rams?

Watching the play is much more effective than reading a transcript of it could ever be. Miller lines up with the knowledge that the shortest path to the quarterback is straight ahead of him, and after giving Noteboom a quick power shove off the snap, he lowers his pads into him and pushes him back into Stafford for a sack on the first series.

Miller is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 249 pounds, so competing with him will be difficult. Not only is he a great overall runner, but he is especially good at keeping his legs moving all the way to the quarterback.

One could say this is a typical Miller snack. Before Noteboom can drop all the way back into pass-pro, he ducks under a chip from the tight end and squares his hips to Stafford after coming out of a two-point stance.

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Later, Miller outruns Noteboom to the sidelines, dips under Noteboom’s block, and makes a superman dive to bring Stafford to the ground. It was nothing more than a crazy athletic display on his part, and it could be a portent of good things to come for the Bills.

Von Miller

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s uneasiness in the pocket was a factor in his team’s 191 passing yards. The Rams’ lack of offensive rhythm was a major factor in the team’s lack of progress.

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This wasn’t an attempt at vengeance on Miller’s part. He addressed his team on the pitch after the game, expressing his gratitude and satisfaction with their performance. Simply said, this is his style of play. Furthermore, it spreads quickly across the group.

Has anyone seen the 33-year-old keep it up for an entire season? Only time will tell how accurate this prediction was. Yet, there can be no denying that Miller has gotten off to a stellar start in Buffalo.

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