Carmella Injury

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon demonstrated the importance of women’s wrestling in the WWE’s future. There was an angle involving six women and Bianca Belair’s Title on Raw, and then seven women Superstars competed in a gauntlet match on SmackDown to determine who would challenge Liv Morgan for the Title at Clash at the Castle.

Carmella Injured During WWE Live Event?

There were so many Superstars on WWE TV this week, but Carmella was noticeably absent. Those of you who are worried about Carmella, don’t worry. On Saturday night, the Staten Island Princess was scheduled to face Belair and Asuka in a triple threat match at a live event.

Carmella’s injury prevented her from making a strong case for why she should be the new WWE’s focal point. Initially, according to reports from fans at the North Charleston, South Carolina show (via Inside The Ropes), everything seemed to be a normal part of the proceedings.

You can see Carmella’s two opponents laughing and taunting as she rolls out of the ring in the following pictures. But shortly after that, officials arrived at ringside and threw up an X with their hands, the wrestling signal for those in the stands to know that someone is seriously hurt.

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Walked Back to The Locker Room, but Legitimately Hurt

With the assistance of the officials, Carmella was able to make her way back to the locker room, but it appeared that they were protecting her eyes from the bright arena lights as she walked. It’s possible that the former Women’s Champion sustained a concussion, though this hasn’t been confirmed as of yet.

What happened is unclear, but consistent reports from fans suggest Carmella was hurt when she hit her head on the ring corner while Belair attempted a Sunset Flip. In a hurry, the doubles match she was supposed to play in was switched to a one-on-one match between Belair and Asuka.

An intriguing dynamic, given that they initially seemed to be on the same side as they fought off Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky on this week’s Raw.

Carmella Injury

At last night’s WWE Live Event in North Charleston, South Carolina, The EST of WWE Bianca Belair put her “WWE Raw” Women’s Championship on the line in a triple threat match against Asuka and Carmella. However, the big news coming out of the match is that one of the women suffered an injury during their triple threat bout.

Carmella would be seen rolling in and out of the ring throughout the match, as heels often do to get heat from the audience.

The first rollout seemed like it was planned at the beginning of the match, and then Bianca Belair and Asuka began to make chicken noises and do chicken dances at Carmella. However, not long after this, the official would throw up the X for Carmella.

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For those who are unaware of the meaning of making an X symbol with your arms, this is commonly thrown up by the referee during a match to signify to the backstage personnel that a serious injury has taken place, and the injured talent in question will need immediate assistance.

The X from the referee would come after Carmella was hit in the head after a botched backflip spot from Bianca Belair out of the corner. Not too long after this, Belair would pin Asuka for the win.

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