Shaquille Leonard

It would be an absolute understatement to suggest Shaquille Leonard has been dealing with injuries this season. In addition to needing back surgery over the summer, the standout linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts has already experienced a concussion, a nose ailment, and an ankle problem. In light of the numerous injuries he has recently endured, Leonard recently shared the hard truth he has been experiencing:

According to Leonard, who was quoted by James Boyd of The Athletic, “I see myself moving about better the last two games, but it’s still not there.” It’s just a lot of watching movies because the nerve is still not firing into my leg. Because of how many movies I’ve seen, I believe I am able to play today. However, I must position myself to make a play because I am aware that I am behind.

 Shaquille Leonard

As Leonard noted, he has been able to play for the Colts in the last two games, but it is obvious at this time that his health has not yet fully recovered. Six of Indianapolis’ nine games this season have been lost because of the 27-year-old.

It’s challenging. Being in and out is difficult, particularly when you’re not the starter and when you skip games, split reps, don’t play, or have a high pitch count. Many people are frustrated, Leonard said.

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I have very little control over many aspects of it. I frequently emphasize the importance of managing what I can, which includes having a positive attitude when I report for work each day. I don’t hesitate to help the [linebackers] out because I enjoy helping others.

The Colts are currently in trouble after a season that started off somewhat optimistically. They’ve dropped three straight games, and not even the All-Pro LB’s comeback has changed their fortunes.

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They urgently require Shaquille Leonard to return at full strength. Without it, they might be too late and this season might end up being another one that was wasted. In search of a win, Indianapolis, which presently sits at 3-5-1, will be back in action on Sunday when they take on the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 10.


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