Carson Wentz

No one seems to know who wants Carson Wentz in Washington if he is wanted at all. Even though the quarterback has been a bit erratic, the weakest club in the NFC East has still been able to scrape out a few wins.

Coach Ron Rivera is taking credit for leading the pursuit of Wentz in the offseason, just days after he apologized for singling out “quarterback” as the Commanders’ biggest issue. Why? Because the ESPN report published on Thursday implied that team owner Daniel Snyder was the real mastermind behind the Wentz trade, in part to cover up his personal problems.

Other NFL owners reportedly want Snyder removed for both his alleged workplace misconduct and his failure to acquire a new stadium for his franchise, and Don Van Natta Jr., Seth Wickersham, and Tisha Thompson reported on this.

Anonymous sources claim that Snyder is still involved in day-to-day operations for the Washington team, despite NFL commissioner Roger Goodell citing Snyder’s diminished position as punishment for what the league has deemed a “hostile workplace culture.” The Commanders’ deal for Wentz was the primary evidence of Snyder’s supposedly defiant involvement.

Snyder is reportedly still more active in the club’s operations than fans give him credit for, as seen by his March plea to the club’s football decision-makers to acquire… Despite Carson Wentz agreeing with Goodell in July 2021, when he was also fined $10 million, to have his wife Tanya take over the day-to-day operations of the team, Wentz is still the starting quarterback.

According to unnamed Commanders employees who spoke with ESPN, “it was 100 percent a Dan move” to acquire Wentz. According to ESPN’s reporting, Snyder has long assured his colleagues that he will be immune to the consequences of other concerns if he is able to get a notable signal caller.

“All my problems will be handled,” Snyder claimed to have told his colleagues. By trading two third-round picks to the Colts this spring, Washington effectively took on Wentz’s entire $28.3 million salary budget charge in 2022.

Rivera has subsequently denied that Snyder pushed for the signing of Wentz, stating in a team statement that he, not Snyder, was responsible for bringing in the troubled former Eagles and Colts quarterback in the first place.

Per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Rivera said, “I went to Dan and Tanya’s home before free agency started and told them Carson Wentz was one of the quarterbacks at the top of our list, and as always, the Snyders were supportive of our vision for creating this club.”

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As far as the public knows, Wentz is unfazed by the commotion. Wentz minimized the impact of Rivera’s heated back-and-forth addressing his current impression of the QB—a “mea culpa moment,” as the coach put it—which also drew criticism from former Commanders QB Alex Smith.

He informed the press this week, “Coach addressed it, handled it.” “Personally, I don’t think too much about it. I felt it was awesome that Coach addressed it in the team meeting and explained what he meant by it all since he is an honest and forthright person.”

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