Eloy Jimenez Injury

Eloy Jiménez, the outfielder for the Chicago White Sox, had a tough season before it took a turn for the worst on Wednesday. On a flyball off the bat of José Ramirez, left fielder Jiménez saved the Cleveland Guardians from a loss. Nothing out of the ordinary occurred during the catch, even though it was a running catch.

There was a problem, however. With Jiménez, Chicago’s coaching staff walked off the field. As soon as the White Sox came out for their final out, Jiménez was gone. As stated by the White Sox, he was removed from the game due to “tightness in his right leg.”

Jiménez has been down this road before. A lot of time has already been lost this season because of his injuries. He was sidelined for the entire months of May and June, as well as a portion of April and July, due to an injury. During a fairly routine play, he was injured while running to first base on an out. After this recent event, baseball fans immediately began talking about his injury history.

What makes things more complicated is a player injuring himself on an otherwise routine play. Jiménez did make an error in the fielding of a ball early in the game, however, and that deserves some attention. At the time, it appeared to be nothing more than a snafu. That play, however, may have caused some damage to him.


For Jiménez, it’s been a frustrating year on many levels. However, his time in the lineup has been hampered by his inability to bat and his inability to stay healthy. 197/.239/.303. Another injury that keeps him out of the game or hinders his performance would be the very last thing he needs at this point.

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