Fans have been left with more questions than answers regarding who will inevitably square off against one another at Full Gear, life from Newark, New Jersey, as AEWpushes closer and closer to deciding on the victor of the “World Title Eliminator Tournament.”

What transpired with Ricky Starks, who was scheduled to face Lance Archer, dubbed “The Murderhawk Monster,” in the opening round but was attacked in the back and forced to sit out for Rampage? Brian Cage, perhaps? Will he continue on his comeback path or will he revert to his previous status as a sporadic Ring of Honor performer?

Finally, how about “The Firm”? Will they still loom over AEW and follow Bandido into his bout against Ethan Page in the semifinals? Bill Pritchard of WrestleZone sat down with “All Ego” to talk about how he’s been preparing for what is likely his most significant match of the 2022 calendar year up to this point. The answer to that question won’t be revealed until the program airs, though.

I forced myself to gain five pounds for the Eddie match because I thought it would be more difficult to lift him, Page told Fightful. “He’s one of the show’s hardest-hitting guys. I thought, “Okay, I’ll have to arrive a little heavier for this.” I’ve been working out twice a day in preparation for Dynamite since the Bandido bout.

Ethan Page

I work out every morning and every evening for 40 minutes simply to prepare for someone with his caliber and the athleticism he brings to the ring. He virtually gorilla-pressed Rush and gave Chris Jericho a stalling suplex due to his lightning-quick reflexes. He is also a powerful man.

This upcoming Wednesday, I knew I had to bring something entirely new to the table, and a large part of that is my physique. I want to be able to keep up and deliver results on par with expectations. I’ll need to complete two workouts a day to prepare for Bandido, one of the performers.

Although Page is unsure whether he can prevail in the competition and win his first Pay-Per-View singles bout in AEW since… Well, “All Ego” has four sets of tights, one for each fight, so he’s ready to go the distance.

I try to pay attention to every detail imaginable when it comes to the costumes and the backstage said, Page. “Of course, I have no idea if I’ll emerge victorious on Wednesday, but I want everyone to know that I have ordered four pairs of tights. In case Ethan Page advances all the way to the championship contest.

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I always wear a new set of clothes for a game. I’m giving it my all. Okay, I’ll dunk the ball if they give it to me on the off chance that they do. At least, that’s what I believed. anything about this? Additionally, I could accomplish it over a few weeks if Macho Man was able to compete in one tournament while wearing three distinct pairs of gear.

Bandido Is Looking to Take Advantage of His AEW opportunity.

While Page would love nothing more than to defeat Bandido in their semi-final match on Dynamite, “The Most Wanted Luchador” isn’t going to simply lay down Jeff Jarrett-style and hand his opponent the victory because the former Ring of Honor champion wants to make a statement after turning down a deal with WWE.

Yes, as reported by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Bandido received compelling offers from both organizations but ultimately decided to sign a full-time contract with AEW because “In the end, he realized he couldn’t sign with WWE because he has a child in Mexico, his significant other doesn’t want to move from Mexico, and he doesn’t want to not see his child all the time.”

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Bandido’s three-year contract has a maximum number of dates, but that number is reportedly “more matches than most AEW wrestlers work in a year now, so that shouldn’t be an issue, but that could change if they (start doing) house shows.” Bandido will be a regular on AEW programming for a while, depending on how things go with Wardlow and the TNT Championship at Full Gear.

He might even reenter the championship picture, However, if Bandido defeats Page and wins the match at Full Gear by defeating Cage, Starks, Archer, or someone else, he may be able to aim even higher in the coming weeks and aim to become the new AEW World Heavyweight Champion.


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