Jason Peters

When the Dallas Cowboys woke up last Thursday, it was a weird experience. At that time, fans of the squad probably wondered how they would be successful this season without Tyron Smith. Meanwhile, the team’s owner, president, and general manager chatted it up with a well-known media figure on a show streamed live from The Star in Frisco.

Since then, the group’s mood has been gloomy at best. They were (are technically still) considering starting a rookie at left tackle, despite the fact that he hasn’t practiced there since June. A first-year player who, as we learned from the TV expert, is nursing a severe ankle sprain. That’s not very appealing, to say the least.

On Wednesday, however, things started looking up. The sky has lit up with a bat signal, signaling the arrival of a possible savior. It’s probable that the Dallas Cowboys will sign Jason Peters soon. It’s as simple as that: this must occur.

Here Are Five Reasons Why.

In no time at all, he’d be the team’s go-to left tackle. In addition to Tyler Smith, the Dallas Cowboys‘ only other legitimate left tackle possibilities are Josh Ball and Matt Waletzko.

While we are all optimistic about Smith’s future with the organization, we recognize that moving him to tackle is a dangerous gamble. Obviously, he could do well, but if he played poorly, his career with the organization and in the NFL would be jeopardized.

It’s been a week without Tyron, and neither Josh Ball nor Matt Waletzko has emerged as viable options to go in as a permanent replacement at left tackle (nor should they have been). If we’re being generous, they’re not the best players the team has right now.

Jason Peters is, without a doubt, the greatest left tackle in this locker room. That alone is sufficient to warrant hiring him on the spot.

Tyler Smith Can Stay at Left Guard?

To assume that Tyler Smith is not the starter at left tackle for this team is to assume that Jason Peters is. If Tyler Smith is not playing left tackle, then he is playing left guard, which is the position he has been working on throughout training camp and the preseason.

We don’t know how terrific of a player Tyler Smith will be in the NFL, but we should give him every chance to succeed. Since he is the top left guard on the team (more on that later), protecting him from playing time would seem to be the wisest course of action, which is why many have suggested that Jason Peters stands for the greatest solution to the Tyron Smith injury. A quick and simple solution that just plugs in.

Depth Along the Interior Remains Untouched?

Because of The Chain Reaction Just Described, if Tyler Smith Is the Starting Left Guard, Then Connor Mc Govern Is Still the Most Experienced Player on The Offensive Line. We Recently Discussed how A Move for Smith (which, to Be Fair, Does Make Some Logical Sense) Would Result in A Chain Reaction Where the Best Backup Inside, Mc Govern, Would Become a Full-Time Starter, Leaving Us with No Linemen We’d Feel Fantastic About Having on The Bench.

Peters’ Deal with The Cowboys Maintains the Status Quo, Which Is Just how The Cowboys Planned It. They Should Continue to Seek A Good Swing Tackle (a Requirement that Existed Before the Injury), but This Would Do a Lot to Keep the Ship from Sinking.

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Tyler Smith Can Learn from A Future Hall of Famer?

Jason Peters

Tyler Smith Has Been Mentioned in Every Discussion We’ve Had so Far. There’s No Hiding the Fact that The Dallas Cowboys’ Offensive Line Has Seen Some Changes Recently. Game Shows that Featured Tyron Smith, Travis Frederick, and Zack Martin All Together Are a Thing of The Past.

Tyler Smith Is a Promising Prospect Who, with Any Luck, Will Become an Offensive Line Pillar for His Squad. He Needs to Be Treated Like a Professional Athlete, Which Means He Can’t Be Placed Into a Dangerous Circumstance As the One Outlined. Additionally, He Needs to Be Able to Learn From A Superstar in The Position He Plans to Play Professionally.

Obviously, He Found that In Tyron Smith, but The Sad Truth Is that Pictures of Them Lining up Next to Each Other Will Likely Be Displayed Alongside Those of Tony Romo Passing to Ezekiel Elliott in The Same Museum. Learning from A Potential Hall of Fame Player Like Jason Peters Is Invaluable, and It’s Something that Every Incoming Nfl Player Should Seek Out.

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Absolutely Nothing Negative Could Possibly Happen.

Jason Peters

The Position that Jason Peters Plays Is One in Which the Cowboys Are Weak.

There Is Absolutely No Downside The Addition of Jason Peters Immediately Improves the Cowboys’ Football Team.

With that In Mind, I’m Curious as To Where the Negatives Lie. to What Extent Does Peters Act as A “development Stopper” for Players Like Josh Ball and Matt Waletzko? With All Due Respect, That’s Not Really Important Considering the Bigger Picture.

If We’re Talking About the Larger Picture, This Is the Most Significant Investment the Cowboys Will Make All Season Long in Their Offensive Line. Doing This Is Mandatory.

Bonus: It Would Be Fun to Troll Eagles Fans if And when Peters Was Amazing

Imagine if A Key Member of The Philadelphia Eagles Was to Assist the Dallas Cowboys Become the First Team to Win the Nfc East in Consecutive Seasons Since the 2004-2005 Cowboys. I think that Would Be a Lot of Fun.

It’s Safe to Say that The Eagles Have Stocked up On Talent in Preparation for A 2022 Playoff Push Against the Cowboys. It Would Be Exciting to Witness an Opposition Player Return a Serve from The Other Side of The Net.

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