In Week 8 of the 2022 NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the visiting New York Giants, 27-13, on their home field. The Seahawks’ fifth victory kept them in sole possession of the NFC North lead. They are in front of the San Francisco 49ers by a game. Here, we’ll examine Geno Smith and the other three Seahawks who contributed most to their Week 8 victory over the Giants.

Smith threw two touchdown passes during Seattle’s productive homestand, Ken Walker scored one, and the Seahawk’s defense held the Giants to 225 offensive yards. With a 5-3 record for the season, they are now the only team in their division to have won games.

Next weekend, they’ll go to Arizona to try to sweep the Cardinals, which would extend their current winning streak to four games. The Texans will then arrive in Week 10 after they had a bye in Week 9.

Here, we examine Geno Smith and the other three Seahawks who contributed most to their Week 8 victory over the Giants.

4. LB Uchenna Nwosu and That Solid Run Defense

Daniel Jones, the Giants’ quarterback, was unable to move with the ball because of pressure and tight coverage. With a passing rating of 71.4, he completed just 17 of his 31 throws for 176 yards and no touchdowns. Jones just gained 5.7 yards per attempt and was sacked five times. Uchenna Nwosu upfront deserves special recognition since he supported the pass rush the whole game.

For the third week in a row, he assisted the Seahawks‘ stifling defence in maintaining their superior performance. But this was their most impressive performance. The Giants were second in the NFL with 173 running yards per game going into Week 8. Remember that the Giants’ ground attack is one of the league’s hardest nuts to crack. Saquon Barkley, a talented running back, and their quarterback, who is extraordinarily agile, are in charge of it.

Geno Smith and Three Other Seahawks Did Most of The Work in Week 8 to Beat the Giants

The Seahawks could care less. The Giants kept hitting a brick wall that was navy in hue all afternoon. Seattle held New York to a total of 78 running yards. Barkley only covered 53 yards on 20 carries with the ball. With two sacks, two quarterback hits, two tackles for loss, and six total tackles, Nwosu significantly contributed to that.

3. WR Tyler Lockett

In this game, Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett came dangerously close to failing. He was actually playing an unusually awful game up to the crucial stages of the endgame. That was unexpected coming from one of the most reliable skill players on the team.

Recall that the Seahawks were backed up against their own end zone when Lockett fumbled at the two-yard line of Seattle, which was recovered by New York. Two plays later, the Giants scored in response, tying the score at 7-7. Later, Seattle was forced to settle for a field goal after Lockett missed a certain touchdown on third down.

In the fourth quarter, Lockett more than made up for it, though. Geno Smith’s 33-yard pass was intercepted by him, giving the Seahawks a 20-13 lead. Once they received that winning score, they would never look back. In the end, Lockett had five receptions for 63 yards and a score.

Tyler s the best receiver I ve ever been around,” head coach Pete Carroll 27-13-win-010202245.html”>told reporters post-game. “I ve never seen anybody do all of the things so consistently for such a long time, of course, he s going to make a double move to score a touchdown.

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2. TE Will Dissly

Close end On Sunday, Will Dissly might have established himself as a key member of the special teams. In this game, the Giants handled two important punt returns improperly. The Seahawks scored 10 points as a result. Dissly took part in both movements.

Late in the first half, with the score tied at 7, Dissly forced Giants returner Richie James to fumble. Seattle took advantage of this chance to score a field goal, giving them a 10-7 lead at the break.

Later, Dissly recovered another fumble by James that had been caused, this time by Travis Homer, to advance the Seahawks further into Seattle territory. Two plays later, Ken Walker struck the decisive blow, giving the Seahawks a 27-13 lead. We can’t blame Seahawks supporters if they felt queasy because of Dissly.

Geno Smith and Three Other Seahawks Did Most of The Work in Week 8 to Beat the Giants

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1. QB Geno Smith

Geno Smith, the Seahawks’ starting quarterback, concluded with a stat line that was respectable but not outstanding. He completed 23 of his 34 attempts for 212 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 0 interceptions. Smith, though, performed much better than the box score would have you believe. The eye test won out over the data in this instance.

Keep in mind that one of the critiques leveled against Smith was that he had not yet led a drive that had won the game in a critical situation. He heard those criticisms, so he essentially punched them.

With the score tied at 13-13, Smith went 5-of-5 for 75 yards and Tyler Lockett’s game-winning touchdown. That certainly is a clutch.

Give Smith the credit he deserves. We won’t add any qualifiers to lessen the praise for the player’s outstanding football performance. He has demonstrated himself to be a great leader, put up strong stats, and stepped up when necessary.

Also, note that he played a large portion of this game with a dirty pocket. In actuality, he was coerced for the majority of it.

For the majority of the season, Geno Smith was kept clean in the pocket by the Seahawk’s offensive line. Today, though, it wasn’t the case. In the trenches, the Giants’ defensive line was dominant. With ten quarterback hits and three sacks, they brutalized Smith. Smith still won, though, because he rose to the challenge.


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