How to Recover Deleted Text Messages

The horror of realizing you accidentally erased a crucial SMS message never fades. Where do you go from here? Users who really need to keep those messages will go to any lengths to do so. Recovering lost text messages requires a bit of legwork, but it is possible with some effort. You may be able to retrieve those important text messages, and we can show you how.

A Little About How Deletion and Storage Works

Have you heard that some files may remain on your computer even after you remove them? Indeed, this is the case. Those documents are stashed away on the hard disk until they are needed again… or replaced. This also occurs with Android-based smartphones. Deleted SMS messages, along with everything else, remain in the system until either enough time has passed or more pressing data needs storage space.

Maybe you’re still scratching your head over how this is feasible. Once we grasp the mechanism of deletion, the concept isn’t that difficult to grasp. A trashed file (in this case, a text or multimedia message) may not immediately be removed from the system. In all honesty, it’s just out of sight.

This file will be marked as inactive on your device. It’s rendered imperceptible and interchangeable, to put it another way. It’s normal for “deleted” files to be gradually replaced by fresh ones as you use your device. In other words, if you need to retrieve that text message, you should cease using your phone immediately, as doing so may result in its irreversible deletion.

Carriers Often Have All Your Texts Stored

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages

This is not a fix, but it is information that could be useful in some situations. It has been discovered that many mobile service providers keep recordings of your text messages and other information for long periods of time. The only catch is that they probably won’t give it to you just because you deleted something by accident.

On the other hand, some shippers might help the cops out if they need to. Since texts can be used as evidence in a court of law, these services have aided users who have run into legal trouble. You or the court could make a request for the recovery of deleted messages if necessary. No one will benefit from this, therefore let’s move on to what will actually work.

Messages sent through some carriers’ proprietary apps can be stored in the cloud. Verizon Messages, for example, can save your messages and even sync them across devices. You can take advantage of the service’s texting features from any computer, as it has both a web interface and desktop applications.

AT&T also offers a backup and sync service for your text messages. If you use one of these services and accidentally delete an SMS, it may be worthwhile to search through backups and other messaging programs on other devices.

So, you’ve lost everything and need to get your texts back. By scanning your phone using data recovery software after you’ve removed something, you may be able to get back whatever data remains.

You may get a wide variety of Android data recovery tools with just a quick Google search. There are both free and paid options, with many of the latter providing at least a free trial period. Some of the most popular ones are Android Data Recovery, Dr. Fone, Tenorshare UltData, and FonePaw.

After you have the program, the process is relatively basic. Simple PC installation and launch are all that is required. Some software requires that the device be connected to a computer, while others may make use of a mobile application. Full instructions will come with the software. The program will show you everything you can retrieve following a scan.

It’s also vital to note these software solutions don’t only function for erased communications. You can use them to get back your old files like images, movies, and documents.

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Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen Again

You have just learned that restoring lost SMS messages is no easy task. Furthermore, this is not the case… You finally got rid of that annoying object. It’s fortunate for you that computers follow certain rules. Whatever the case may be, prevention is always preferable to a cure. Many programs can let you backup your text messages and other files. Let’s check out a few examples of these.

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Archive Messages Instead of Deleting Them

Messages in your SMS inbox can be organized without having to remove any. Threads can be easily saved in Google Messages. They can be brought back at a later time, or whenever the same chat is resumed. Avoiding the temptation to delete important text messages by developing the practice of preserving them instead.

How to archive texts in Google Messages:

  1. Launch the Google Messages app.
  2. Press and hold on to a thread.
  3. Tap on the Archive button (box with an arrow pointing down).
  4. You can now press the three-dot menu button and access Archived to see your stored messages.
  5. To recover the archived message, press and hold on to the thread, then press the Unarchive button (box with an arrow pointing up).

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Google Drive

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages

For more than just file storage, Google Drive is a fantastic cloud service. It can be used as a backup for your SMS texts. Since it’s built into Android, we don’t need to install any third-party software or subscribe to any extra services to use it.

How to backup your text messages to Google Drive:

  1. Go into your Android phone’s Settings app.
  2. Select Google.
  3. Tap on Backup
  4. Toggle Backup by Google One on.
  5. Hit Backup now.
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