After dropping four straight games, the Dallas Mavericks entered their matchup against the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night with a 9-10 record. To stop the Mavs’ bleeding, Luka Doncic put an end to their antics with a 41-point, 12-rebound, and 12-assist performance.

And with head coach Jason Kidd teasing potential rotation changes, perhaps this victory can inspire the Mavs into a much-needed winning streak to catapult them back in the upper echelon of the Western Conference.

Josh Green specifically received the start at the end of the game because Reggie Bullock was stuck in a terrible shooting slump. Green made a series of important shots in the closing seconds of the contest, including a corner three and a difficult layup over Andrew Wiggins, which will no doubt win him the coach’s favor. And he has made himself popular.

“You can tell Josh (Green) is playing well when other players are,” said a player. He’ll take up some time that could have been spent by Timmy, Reggie, or Doe. According to Dorothy J. Gentry, Kidds commented after the game, “That’s exactly how it looks right now.

Jason Kidd reveals

Josh Green continued his streak of effective scoring by finishing with 13 points on 5-7 shooting. Green had an astounding 73.6 percent true shooting percentage going into the Mavs’ game versus the Warriors, which was far superior to the efficiency figures of the other Mavs wings.

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After replacing Reggie Bullock with Tim Hardaway Jr. in the starting lineup, Jason Kidd had already changed the rotation. Additionally, the switch might have enabled TJ in the process. Bullock struggled once more, scoring 0 points, while Hardaway scored 22 points on 8-16 shooting (5-11 from three). Hardaway should continue to start going forward.

Even so, Kidd might find it difficult to keep Josh Green off the court if he keeps playing the way he is, especially since Luka Doncic needs all the support he can get.

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