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Jerry West, an NBA great, took issue with JJ Redick’s criticism of Bob Cousy and asked the former Clippers guard about Cousy’s impact on the league. With each generation striving to make their case, the old-school vs. new-school fight continues.

Even if the elder age isn’t afraid to criticize the league for its stance on fouling, the current crop of players believes they are better equipped and have a greater stake in the game.

When things get out of hand, such as Chris “Mad Dog” Russo and JJ Redick getting into a heated debate over the latter’s assertion that Chris Paul wasn’t a Bob Cousy, Redick made a fairly unsavory statement.

Redick was right to criticize Cousy, but he was also right to point out that he had faced some of the greatest players of all time in his career, including Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, and Elgin Baylor. To the First Take analyst, the Celtics legend referred to him as “someone with less talent.”

Jerry West recently weighed in on the hotly debated matter, calling out Redick by name. The former NBA player turned analyst was questioned by The Logo about his role in the team’s success.

JJ Redick

How did JJ Redick get so determined to win?: West shouts out Redick. Players from different time periods have been reignited by Redick’s criticism of Cousy. In spite of the fact that the game has changed tenfold in the last decade, the older generation, which lay the groundwork for the current crop’s success, should not be dismissed.

When Jerry West, who represented Cousy’s era, was questioned about his feelings on the topic as things got ugly between Redick and Cousy, he answered the following.

Tell me about his future job goals, because I know he’s a bright young man. To what end did he put an end to these mishaps? He scored 12 points per game on average. Somewhere in the process, numbers play a role.

It’s easy to pick on players these days because they’re not as good as they used to be. The only reason I bring up JJ is that he wasn’t an exceptional player, but he was a very excellent one, and his ability to shoot the ball earned him a spot on the team.

During his playing days, players didn’t have access to proper facilities and were forced to work during the summer months to make ends meet. He says Redick should be thankful for his fortune and that his slur on Cousy was rude.

Given Redick’s inferiority to Cousy, who was a six-time champion and past MVP, West does have a point.

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